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Miami’s Newest Fat-Reduction Technology Delivers Big Time - Lose At Least 3” of Fat on the Spot! When we heard about Miami’s newest fat loss technology that promises to remove fat immediately—and without any pain or side effects—we were a tad skeptical, to say the least. It’s like they were promising a body-contouring unicorn, a fat-melting panacea that couldn’t possibly exist. But the promise became irresistible when Body Beautiful Miami, the new body contouring clinic located near Miami’s Design District that offers said technology, told us about their fat-loss guarantee: If we didn’t lose at least three inches of fat on our first 50-minute session, our treatment was free. There was nothing to lose, other than those pesky love handles. “When I first tried this technology, I also thought it sounded too good to be true,” Body Beautiful Miami CEO Gary Gomer tells Miami Living Magazine. “But then I lost 5.8 inches on my first treatment.” With our jaws dropped open, we asked Gomer for details. How could they know that with such precision? “Body Beautiful uses sophisticated 3D photographic measuring equipment to make results completely transparent to our clients,” he explains. “Our average client loses six inches of fat on their first 50-minute treatment, and we have had clients lose up to 25 inches in their first treatment.” Mic drop. Gomer continues, “What makes Body Beautiful Miami stand out from other body contouring companies in Miami is that we are the first to offer immediate results and full transparency for those results. Plus, we guarantee all of our services. We offer fat-loss guarantees on our treatment programs of up to 45 inches.”

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