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One Day at A Time Achieve your long-term fitness goals with Crunch Words by Carole Steinhauser 2018. New year, new you? How many resolutions did you make? Any fitness- or health-related goals? How many did you write down? How realistic do they still look in February? This year, let's talk about your fitness goals and take a different approach. Instead of hitting the ground running only to end up throwing half the resolutions out the window by March, let's try to keep it simple this year and take it one step at the time. One day at a time. We have all year. Let's not get overwhelmed. After all fitness is a lifestyle and fitness goals should become part of everyday life. So how does one create a lifestyle or a true habit? It is important to try and be very precise with your goals. Instead of just saying "I am going to work out," decide what areas of your fitness you want to improve. Cardio, strength, endurance, muscle mass? Then what part of your body do you want to improve on from an aesthetic point? Draw your resolutions from those answers and create a stress-free plan for your week's workouts. Crunch Fitness offers certified and experienced personal trainers that can help you create a personalized workout plan to achieve your goals and keep you on track in 2018. One thing to keep in mind as you review your list of resolutions in February and evaluate your progress, is that change only happens when we change what we do on a daily basis. The secret to change lays in your daily routine. Most times it is the minor everyday changes that carry the most long-term effects, and those sometimes require someone to hold our hand or watch to minimize slacking and cheating. At least initially.

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