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In addition to touring and spending tons of time training Dancing with the Stars' pro dancers like Mark Ballas, there's another project that Alec has been putting a lot of time and energy into, and this year he gets to check it off his list: the release of his new book, "Seven Sundays." The book is a 43-day devotional for balancing a healthy lifestyle, and is filled with physical and spiritual exercises. "It's a journey you're taking with God to look internally, to expose your bad habits, and truly start to heal from them. It approaches the psychology of a person, makes you pay attention to how you treat yourself. When the book comes out, I want readers to develop a strong relationship with God and themselves, and to love themselves. If they get caught in the moment, never let it get you down. You're taking a step back if you do that." It's also about finding that inner peace to be able to recognize where you're at in your journey and not letting things like messing up your diet consume your peace of mind or cause you to become unmotivated. And, social media platforms can be a sneaky culprit. "Social media, like Instagram, can be a great thing, but sometimes it does things that are detrimental to younger people. They see these perfect people and lifestyles and they don't realize they're holding themselves to this unrealistic standard. One of my goals is being relatable, not unattainable. How do I help people through this vessel?" "Seven Sundays" speaks to a lot of these issues and dives even deeper —to really get to the source of the problem. Helping readers make a spiritual connection to God is also something Alec is really passionate about. "Some of these people I train are not the happiest —empty. You can be in the best shape, but you can also be missing something on an emotional/spiritual level." In terms of hitting physical fitness goals, the first step to success, Alec notes, is actually showing up. Hold yourself accountable. "So many people live by their emotions. If they don't feel something, they don't do it. That's listening to your flesh. Think about the feeling someone gets when they finally complete their workout —in those moments, they feel the best about themselves. They sense the contrasts between how they felt before versus how they felt once they left. I wrote "Seven Sundays" because it gives you practical steps to incorporate into your life, so that you have a blueprint." 2018 is going to be a year of change and making a huge shift in his life, Alec shares. "God has given me a platform now, where I can actively impact others. I haven't really had that until now. It's a new lifestyle, and I'm becoming that person for a multitude of people. Of course, with changes like that, it brings up fears, but that's something that I'll work on managing." ML Keep up with Alec on Instagram and Twitter: @AlecTheTrainer. "I wrote "Seven Sundays" because it gives you practical steps to incorporate into your life, so that you have a blueprint."

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