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Congrats on your first EP! What was it like recording it and what can listeners expect? JB: "The process has been amazing. I feel fortunate that Hollywood Records has allowed me the past two years to develop my sound and to focus on who I am as an individual artist. These first songs have been the result of that time writing and working with other writers and producers." What inspired you to become multilingual? [He speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French.] JB: "My love of languages has made learning languages a pleasure. Having the opportunity to live in different countries and learn of different cultures and languages has made this experience even better." Favorite things to do/see/eat in Miami? JB: "One of my favorite things to do is eat and no place has seafood like Miami. I managed to get to the beach, which is amazing in Miami, with some friends during one of the days. I also love the nightlife and dancing. I have been to Miami a few times and have not been to the same place twice. There is so much to do!" When you aren't busy with work, what are some things you enjoy doing? JB: "I try to spend as much time with family and friends as possible. I like being on the water and taking time for myself. During my work time, I do my best to stay fit and workout. For fun, I love watching movies, especially the Marvel and action films. I also like gaming and do a lot of this during long tour bus rides." Can you let us in on something that maybe not everyone knows about you? JB: "Ha, if I did that, then everyone would know, but I really hate snakes!" ML Keep up with Jorge on Instagram: @JorgeBlanco, Twitter: @JorgeBlancoG, Facebook: @TheJorgeBlancoMusic and

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