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Look Who's Laughing Now Pete Holmes talks about how a devastating blow pushed him toward his destiny Words by Vanessa Pascale Pete Holmes and I are seated in Brooklyn's dimly lit House of Wax lounge before a screening of Crashing's second season with some of the cast. Semi-based on Pete's life, Crashing is art imitating life that came about in a life imitating art way. The stand-up comedian-creator explains, "I wanted to do this sketch ["Pete Pitches Judd Apatow" filmed for his talk show, The Pete Holmes Show (2013-2014)] with Judd and he likes to improvise, so he kept saying, I think almost to throw me off, 'But what's your real idea?' And I just told him about my life, which was: raised religious, wife left when I was 28, first girl I had ever been with, and I fell head first into the comedy scene. And he joked, 'That sounds too sad to be a show.'" Pete laughs at the recollection. "I didn't leave that day going, 'Maybe he'll want to do that,' because I was already in the middle of doing an all-encompassing, very busy job." The idea was thrust into the universe, and the universe got to work. Photo credit: Peter Kramer/HBO

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