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The Universe is Listening "My mom and I wanted to take off a little bit of time to go back to Florida and spend time with my family and friends. I turned to my agent and I said, 'We really need this time home, whatever comes, we're going to stay home. I hope that's OK.' I turned around and was like, 'unless you get something from Once Upon a Time,' as a complete joke. I was a fan of the show, I watched it from the beginning. Five days into our Florida vacation at home, I got a call from my agent, 'How would you feel about being young Snow White on Once Upon a Time? I was like, 'What!?' Twenty minutes later, I was on with Eddie [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz], the creators of Once Upon a Time. Talk about a Godsend, about putting something out into the universe. The whole experience was incredible. And to get to go back for more episodes, just tell her story when she was a kid, was a real honor for me. A fairy-tale, magical experience —pun or no pun intended, but truly it is."

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