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Sixty years ago, Anthony Gaade, founder of the Royall Family of Fragrances, was inspired to capture the essence and spirit of Bermuda in a fragrance. Anthony, a renowned Bermudian yachtsman, captured that spirit when he created the first Royall fragrance, Royall Lyme back in 1957. An instant success, it was heartily endorsed by the former Bermuda Governor, Sir Edwin Leather and was presented to the British Royal Family on their last official trip to Bermuda. In 1960, Royall Lyme was introduced at Brooks Brothers New York, where it became a favorite amongst loyal and discerning customers. The Royall fragrances are still sold all these years later at Brooks Brothers and the line has grown dramatically since its inception. Royall fragrances are now sold internationally in London, Milan, Germany, Australia… The Royall Lyme fragrance traces its origins to a very old Caribbean formula obtained from Harbor Island. The secret formula contains over 70 ingredients, resulting in a cool and refreshing scent that is perfect for both work and play. Royall fragrances' other blends were also inspired by traditional Victorian and Caribbean recipes. From Bay Rhum and Muske to Spyce and Mandarin Orange, they all capture the special spirit of Bermuda and its tropical feel. The packaging is reminiscent of Bermuda. The bottles have the look and feel of handmade glass and are adorned with pewter colored caps. Each fragrance bottle is individually wrapped in fine parchment and is topped with a crown wax seal. There is no other fragrance line that has such a unique look and character all its own. This fall, Royall will be launching its newest creation, Royall Yacht, which will embrace the very essence and passion of Anthony Gaade. The fragrance will have an invigorating blend of marine notes and rich luxurious florals that are delicately wrapped in notes of Cedar Wood and Musk. ML For more information, visit edit

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