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Through this journey Dash has learned more about diabetes than he bargained for. As he finds himself asking questions about diabetes, he also pays close attention to the questions that come up from his Instagram account. Naturopathic doctors are something he noticed there were a lot of comments about, which is why on one of the episodes Dash invited Naturopathic Doctor Afrika, Diabatologist Kayne MD to speak about diabetes. This season, the Dash Diabetes Network will cover a wide range of topics—from learning how much things cost, to learning about people's journeys with diabetes. "All the actors I work with, I always bring them on the show. You'll see the people who are in my life. You will also see the different methods to managing diabetes. We'll have someone who uses a pump, and someone who uses and needle, and someone who uses Afrezza®, and then we'll have a doctor come and talk about which one works best for the person's lifestyle. All the things that effect a diabetic, or someone who is effected by a diabetic are covered." The network is meant to be informative and digestible. And while it covers a real subject, Dash aims to make diabetes cool for everyone. "You want to make sure you can look cool and have diabetes. This is how diabetes looks. We want to make the information cool. It's receptive to cool people. I was trying to make information interesting and entertaining. Even if do not want to learn, you'll absorb it and learn it regardless." The next season will be ten episodes and he most likely will be adding additional ones. While the first season focused more on him, he said that the next season will be more focused on other people's experiences. NFL athletes affected by diabetes will share their story. Dash will be putting Afrezza® to the test when he goes on a trip to Chicago. Watch him eat tiramisu and other sugars without hesitation. He will also be going to a couple of expos and getting into the diabetes community. "There will be a lot more cooking. People are receptive to the cooking. They love Raquel's cooking. There will be more Raquel," he exclaims. In addition to the new network, Dash also launched Dusko, his new line of liquors. It's scheduled to launch in Miami this fall, and it will be sold from South Florida to Boca. ML To watch the latest episodes, visit: Follow Dash on and

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