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The digital era has helped this DJ and producer reach an audience he never dreamed of. Creating music is now much more accessible than it ever has before, he explained. However, with accessibility comes competition. Lower barriers to entry have made it easier for people all over the world to produce and distribute their own music. The ease of digital distribution has allowed EDX to collaborate with other artists, use vocals as inspiration for new songs, and create his own tracks. "When you do something on your own, it's you and your team. But I also love to get a vocal sample and get inspired by that." He attributes his success to his perseverance and professional talent. From the early stages, EDX knew what he wanted to do, and did everything in his power to climb the ladder of success. "I'm a regional DJ, from the beginning I was able to work a crowd in a club and work under every situation." As EDX explained it, there is no single song that created a seminal moment for his career, "Every track and song I have, has helped me go from level to level, very organic and naturally." That being said, his collaboration on Kaskade's "Don't Stop Dancing" featuring Haley in 2010 opened the doors in the U.S. market. EDX has been able to see his success grow over the last 20 years, bolstered by the music industry's shift away from analog media and into digital. "Music is going into cycles; I have seen many cycles coming and going. There was a big change when the digital download came. It changed the way you were able to reach the audience. Before you couldn't reach people outside your local country if you didn't have a record label," he says. "When the digital era arrived, everything became much easier. Before, from record to release, it could take 1-2 months, and that was for a proper release." He explains that in order to make music now, and be impactful you don't need money, let alone two months to reach an audience. "Everyone can listen to your music, the digital revolution made it much easier to reach people," he says, which is very important to him. Connecting with his fans is what drives his passion to keep making music. He was born to DJ, and has made a career out of it. Most recently he announced his Wynn residency in Vegas, where he is scheduled to play throughout all of 2017, across all their properties. Also recently announced was his remix of Lika Morgan's "Feel The Same" which is sure to kickoff the pool party season in Vegas. His Wynn residency and new remix are two major indicators of his success in the industry. While there is not one single person who has influenced him, there are many who have shaped his music and unique style. "It's easy to get impressed by the younger DJs and see how easy they approach music today." Currently on tour, EDX is fuelled by the crowd and visiting new places. "I love getting to see all these new, different cultures. You play in nice places, and it gives me a feeling of peace." Performing on a large stage is not a foreign concept to him. Before any show, EDX always has a track ready since "you have to be ready for the worse," he says. However, when given the opportunity, and when the moment is right, he does explore new sounds and beats. "It's all about reading the crowd and what they want. You play 70 percent, and explore 30 percent." DJing is more than just a career for EDX, it's a lifestyle. "Being a DJ means you have no free time." One of his favorite things to do is travel and explore new places, and thanks to his career, he has been able to fulfill that goal. One of his most recent stops was in Miami at club LIV in January for back- to-back weekends. "I'm always happy to be back, Miami has this special thing since it was one of the first cities to drive electronic music forward. Miami has become like my second home, it's always special to be back because there's a lot of people I know." EDX is currently working on new concepts that will be revealed soon. Right now, he is focused on evolving his music and reaching as many fans as possible on his global tour. ML Follow EDX on social media: Facebook: EDXmusic/, Twitter: https://twitter. com/edxMusic, SoundCloud: https://, YouTube:, Instagram: EDXmusic/, Spotify: https://play.spotify. com/artist/7GMot9WvBYqhhJz92vhBp6

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