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Exclusive Southern Comfort JoAnna Garcia Swisher dishes on family, food, and Florida living It's late January and I am seated in the only quiet corner of The Crosby Bar & Terrace restaurant at a table that affords views of the private garden and breadth of the almost-at-capacity dining room. The banquettes, art, and globular pendant light fixtures are splashed in a mélange of vibrant hues —lavenders, chartreuse, cerulean, amber, burnt orange… The ambiance is warm. Inviting. Less than two minutes after I arrive, in walk JoAnna Garcia Swisher and her husband, professional baseball player Nick Swisher. Nick and "Jo" emanate a magnetic, sunny, in sync vibe. Nick has only come by to say hello –a gesture I feel speaks volumes about the type of husband he is: obliging, supportive—then leaves us to our interview. As the din of the breakfast-rush crowd swirls around us, we place our order: coffee (for JoAnna) and tea (for me). JoAnna's long, Little Mermaid-red hair is casually tossed into a side part. She's dressed in a loose, white V-neck tee, a black leather jacket, and dark jeans. A tiny evil eye hangs on one of the dainty gold necklaces that encircle her neck and her stunning diamond engagement ring is joined by a collection of rose gold rings. The doe-eyed, natural beauty doesn't seem to have a stich of makeup on aside from a few swipes of mascara to accentuate her big green eyes. And there's a glow about her that I'd largely credit to her steadfast smile.

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