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How can we increase the success rate of resolutions? First, don't get stuck on what happened in the prior years or think about not losing those extra 10 lbs. the time before. Succeeding at resolutions means getting an action plan into place and safe proofing it by taking small, gentle steps towards the big change. What helps me a lot is to write down my goals. I usually make lists and then reflect on how I will go about each goal. For starters, I definitely recommend keeping the list short and simple, never overwhelm yourself. This year, instead of having 10 vague resolutions, cut it down to 3 very clear resolutions. Write them down. Put them on your mirror, your fridge, any place in your home where you will be reminded of your intentions daily. Vision boards are also a super useful resolution tool with words and pictures, almost like an artsy prediction of where life is headed next. Intentions. That may just be the magic word. In most of Crunch's yoga offerings, students can set an intention at the beginning of class. They are reminded to be mindful and present and take an hour a day to themselves. It is important to remind ourselves of our intentions and resolutions, and allow them to become our reality. This mindfulness expands beyond yoga classes and can really be applied to any of Crunch's famed group fitness offerings. Use that favorite class on the schedule as ME time and to remind yourself what matters to you. Line up your class choices with your intentions and resolutions. For weight loss, choose a more cardio-oriented class. For slowing down or reducing stress, choose a yoga class. For getting organized, go with Pilates. And use a dance class as a reminder to let loose. One of the classes that has helped me to eliminate extra noise and be more focused is cocooning. Cocooning is taught in an antigravity hammock and finishes with 15-20 minutes of meditation. The class welcomes all levels and with the assisted comfort that comes from just hanging in a hammock, it easily allows the body and mind to completely relax and let go of unimportant matters. As a success note, remember that it is always easier to reach a goal or stick to a resolution when you share it or work on it with a partner or friend. So grab a friend and come tell me or any of our other amazingly talented group fitness instructors and trainers what your goals this year are. There are no judgments at Crunch and my door is always open to help you succeed with your fitness goals. For more information, visit

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