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MIAMI LIVING 93 MIAMI LIVING 93 PROFILE While the economy has seen better days, one thing that has remained as solid as a rock is business at Solid Gold. If you live in Miami or are even a visitor of the area, you've more than likely heard of the well- known gentlemen's club Solid Gold — located in North Miami Beach. Things are going great for the thriving club, but Solid Gold is making one small change. Next year, on February 10 th , Solid Gold will change their name to Dean's Gold. Why the change in name? Dean Tyler, owner of Solid Gold, said, "It's the first name change of the building in over 18 years. It stems in part from a deal done a long time ago with the previous owner Michael Peters. I bought Solid Gold almost 11 years ago, while the club was actually closed. It's one of those things I always meant to do, but forgot about over the years. The customers have gotten to know our club, staff, and me so well that I'm not sure that it really even needs a name," said Dean with a smile. "I've had so much fun here and put in my fair share of work that I'm happy to be able to give it my name. The Gold is changing soon!" Some of the most famous people you know, were, are, or will be, patrons of the new Dean's Gold. Major athletes, recognized actors, well-known singers, high- paid models, and professional big wigs from all around the world have frequented this scorching club. I'm sure you're dying to know the names of some of these hot shots, but that's just not possible. Solid Gold is not one to drop names. One thing patrons can count on is privacy. Solid Gold is completely discreet and makes sure to never let any photos or information on their high-profile clients leak into the media. Patrons here, whether you're a guy or a gal, are all treated exceptionally. Everyone receives special treatment and that type of service is priceless. "The girls and staff really make the club," says JJ, the marketing & PR guy for the new Dean's Gold. "When you come into SG, soon to be DG, you will see more people talking in our club than anywhere else. The music and sound system are fantastic, but still low enough to talk. The light system is highly advanced with a very powerful laser, and the other fixtures light up the girls just right. Our club is a great bar, not just a gentlemen's club, and our customers feel like they're walking into Cheers – where everyone knows their name, but would never mention it outside the club. Many friendships have been created from this iconic place." The staff at Solid Gold is as devoted to the place as their clientele. A lot of the Solid Gold staff has been there for many, many years. Mike (General Manager), MaryAnt, (Manager), and Michelle (bartender) have all been with Solid Gold for 11 years. Rene (Assistant Manger) and one of their beautiful dancers from Russia have been there for 10 years. Toby (VIP Services) has been there 14+ years. And their Tech. Director DomDig and DJ Alxxx have both been with Solid Gold for over 9 years. A number of their dancers have stayed with the club for several years as well. You know they're doing something right when the staff actually likes to come to work. Dean's Gold will have you coming back for more. "Same place, but even MORE beautiful women." For more information about Dean's Gold go to or call (305) 956-5726. ML Dean's Gold Solid Gold Gets a New Moniker

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