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MIAMI LIVING 83 PEOPLE "It's monster-like. You want some of my super oatmeal?" Christina Moore asks, as an uncharacteristically hearty bowl of oats piled high with fruit is placed before her. "I thought I'd go light —this is not what I expected," she says jokingly. The waiter teases me about my order and scurries off. "The waiter is very sassy. He's a flirty, sassy guy," notes Christina. We share a laugh. (She had me laughing throughout the entire interview.) The din in the small café swirls around us. Christina gestures toward my digital recorder. "I hope it's getting this. I have a feeling you're going to be listening and trying to remember what I said while you hear clinkety, clink, clink (the sound of glasses and dishes). I'm sorry. You can make it up— just make me sound smart," she adds with a laugh. The fusion of Christina's remarkably genial demeanor and sharp comedic wit is captivating, and in her line of work that's exactly what the TV networks are looking for. Christina has been a part of the casts of That 70's Show, MADtv, Hot Properties, Hyperion Bay… and made guest appearances on TV favorites: Two & a Half Men, Friends, 24, Will & Grace… the list goes on. Presently, Christina is showing off her wide-ranging acting skills on not one, but two, entertaining new television shows, TNT's HawthoRNe as Candy Sullivan and the CW's 90210 as AnnaLynne McCord's mother, Tracy Clark. (Both shows are entering their 2 nd season.) "I couldn't be happier… This is not my first rodeo. The number of TV shows that I've been on and had a season or half a season. The fact that it's coming around, and to be on stuff that's new and hot..." replies Christina elatedly. HawthorRNe, executive-produced and starred in by Jada Pinkett Smith, is a show that follows the lives of Richmond Trinity Hospital's nurses. "It's a big deal at TNT— we kicked off a new night for them and came out with their 2 nd highest numbers. The producer called me personally to say congratulations. Really, until you get that phone call — you can hear things in the news, but you wonder, 'Am I part of the team that's going next year?'" explains Christina. The CW introduced the next generation of high school royalty in the new 90210 as well as embraced the return of Beverly Hills, 90210 faves: Kelly, Brenda and Donna. Christina, casted as the M.I.L.F of Queen Bee Naomi, was excited to join the hot new show as her first TV appearance was on the original and enabled her to receive her SAG card. "I was part of their age group. Ten years later, I'm the mother to one of them," Christina laughs. "That's how TV works! It's like this big benchmark in my career that ten years later I'm part of a team and not just coming in as a one-liner. 'Oh look at me, I have a career now. I can handle more dialogue,'" she says jokingly. Her career has certainly escalated since then. As soon as she finished shooting HawthroRNe, Christina landed a guest spot on USA's sizzling show, Burn Notice, and was off to Miami. "Being on the set of Burn Notice was so sexy, definitely compared to HawthoRNe, where we shoot in an abandoned hospital and all you wear are scrubs. Your new invention is how to make an updo look sloppy and as if you did it yourself. Then you go to Burn Notice and we're shooting in the Viceroy —mercy, the highest level of glamour. We shot at a location in Coral Gables that was my house. I was like, 'Get off!' There was a swimming pool running through the middle of the home," she says in awe. "And my wardrobe and hair, and Jeffrey Donovan with his snappy suits— it's all so high glam. They're all really nice, so that was really fun." Christina soaked up much of what makes Miami so amazing—perhaps in a more literal sense than she would have liked. "It was raining a little everyday, but not like any rain that any Los Angeleno has experienced," she says in shock. "I poked my head around an awning to see if it was raining and it was as if I'd been in the shower. Not like sprinkle, sprinkle, la, la, la. It was as if someone took a bucket of water and went shuck." Though our torrential weather can be a bit of a hindrance; this didn't stop Christina from taking advantage of one of Miami's best features. "Miami has great shopping. Actually, these sandals are from a store on CocoWalk." Christina Photo credit: Raquel Krelle The TV Networks have Spoken We want Moore! TNT, CW, and USA is Where You'll find Christina Moore Words by Vanessa Pascale

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