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Born and raised next to electric-blue waves and crisp granules of sand nipped from the tanned crust of Daytona Beach; Matthew Hoyt Weeks represents a true "Florida boy." You can find him either jamming out from the rooftop of his wind-filled lungs to a Saves the Day melody, or running the tread out of his neon Nikes. This preppy perfectionist is more than just a clever combination of words and catchphrases, but rather an individual who prides himself on originality and matchless creativity. After graduating from Florida State University in 2005, as a Creative Writing major, he is now a second-year student in the Master's Writing program at Nova Southeastern University. For the past three years, Matthew has served as an editor on behalf of the Institute for Medical Education & Research in N. Miami Beach. His writing has appeared in Miami Living, Aventura, the Boca Raton Observer, FSView and NSU's Farquhar Forum. His unmistakable desire and sheer ambition are assets that will continue to push open the quill-tipped parachutes of the publishing industry at large. Ultimately, he aims to become a college professor and creative catalyst for younger students who are exploring the field of English. Matthew draws inspiration from his favorite authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald and J. D. Salinger, and finds their unique ability to carve out dynamic descriptions extremely fascinating. Matthew loves writing and is invigorated by the process. He sees his life as a canvas with his words serving as his brushstrokes. MATTHEW HOYT WEEKS Writer A native Ohioan, Marla has been a professional journalist since her teenage years and has been writing for Miami Living since November 2005. An avid photographer, her images have appeared in ML as well as in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun- Sentinel, the Miami Herald and the Palm Beach Post. She's thrilled to have written profiles in this issue on the exceptionally talented Andy Garcia, the brilliant playwright Theresa Rebeck, the passionate HIV/AIDS expert Filippo von Schloesser, and a documentary about Vizcaya. She has had numerous plays published and produced around the country. Her short play, America's Working? opened to critical acclaim in Los Angeles at the Lone Star Ensemble then at Lynn University in Boca Raton and in its 'From Boca to Broadway' production in NY. Her piece, The Lunch Time Café, was a finalist at the Actor's Theater in Louisville, Kentucky. She's also written a few screenplays with one opted for production and is currently working with the gifted composer Dominic Flores on a full-length drama with music. Marla teaches playwriting, creative writing and acting classes at places such as the Broward Boys & Girls Club, Fantasy Theatre Factory in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale Children's Theatre and Miami Country Day School. MARLA E. SCHWARTZ Senior Writer 18 MiaMi LiVing Contributors Miami Living senior writer Martin Haro – also a contributor, occasional Us Weekly reporter, and E! Online's self-appointed "Desk SoBe" – likes to hustle. "I go out and stay up late instead of staying in with my TiVo because I like to work – and it is work," he says. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Haro has lived in Miami and Miami Beach for almost a decade. Here he has met "lifelong friends that I really wouldn't trade for a slice of chocolate cake (do not offer a whole cake, though)," and gotten to do what he loves. "Everything about Miami, its nightlife, food, and energy, truly make it the Magic City, so it's great to do…research." Haro's experience includes a four-year stint as a writer and a copy- editor at Wire, almost five years at ML, and four years at FIU, where he works as associate editor of FIU Magazine. He has covered events like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami and New York, the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and the MTV Video Music Awards. For ML, he covers fashion, food, Miami's major events, star sightings, and celebrity interviews. And he keeps a blog,, where he shares his take on all things pop culture. MARTIN HARO Senior Writer A native of Dallas, Texas, Heather Talbert grew up with a passion for exploring art and creativity. After receiving her degree in advertising at Texas Tech University, she followed her love for photography and moved to attend Miami Ad School's fashion photography program. Constantly inspired by the culture and art around her, she loves seeking new opportunities to work in this dynamic environment. Heather currently works and resides in Miami Beach. HEATHER TALBERT PhotograPher

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