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88 MIAMI LIVING PROFILE Discover Gran Sierpe! The Spirit of the Snake, ™ the hottest brand to ever be introduced in the US in this up and coming spirits category. Gran Sierpe Pisco is one of the hottest and most fashionable Latin American-inspired cocktails on the market. It hails from Ica, a town famous for its Piscos. Gran Sierpe Pisco is perfectly handcrafted, tasty as all get-out, and distributed by Artisan Brands, hands-down the premier full-service importer/distributor of top-shelf artisan and handcrafted spirits of the highest quality and with exceptional taste. Gran Sierpe Pisco is made from 100% Peruvian grapes, and since it is a small- batch production, it offers higher quality in every drop. Gran Sierpe Pisco Quebranta is Artisan Brands' newest version of Pisco, stemming from a tradition that began in 2004. Having worked for years as importers of Premium Piscos to the US market, Artisan Brands brings a boatload of experience in this spirits category. "Our Pisco was created specifically to garner results from a broad American consumer base. Through extensive research we locked in on a package design that far exceeds any other product is this category, plus what is inside the bottle is a very smooth pure Pisco that was developed at an award-winning distillery in Peru," says a spokesman for Gran Sierpe. A trend has developed toward new, exotic white spirits like Cachaca and Pisco, resulting in consumers enjoying Latin American cocktails and drinks more and more over time. That's why Pisco is predicted to be the next category to break through, and Gran Sierpe, with its pitch- perfect packaging and brilliant taste, is set to be the most popular drink in the marketplace. Everyday more Latin American drinks stream into the US market, especially Piscos and Cachacas, and managers and mixologists love this new trend, since they constantly try to come up with new drinks to distinguish themselves from the pack. As consumers began responding to new tastes, these two drinks are now in great demand. Although, Pisco has been around for a long time, it has never been marketed to such a broad consumer base before, but now it seems the American consumer has fallen in love with this hot new taste and flavor. Gran Sierpe will be the first Pisco brand in the US Market by Artisan Brands, which successfully attracts the consumer's attention with its unique and perfectly customized bottle and its indistinguishable taste with different flavors. Artisan Brands chimes in: "Our marketing efforts will first be centered around the South Florida market and grow beyond to the Northeast and California within a few months. Our approach is extremely targeted and guerilla. We strive at getting right down to the nitty gritty in terms of marketing with street teams, offering several key accounts a blitz to gauge the response of the consumer, and creating an overall demand through the on-premise channels willing to experiment with us. We guarantee that if a plan is put in place and the proper tools are given to the trade that this will succeed and create a whole new revenue stream for our accounts outside for the usual business of vodka, tequila, rum, etc." Curious about Gran Sierpe Pisco? Contact Artisan Brands at 7771 N.W. 146 Street Miami Lakes; (305) 818-4778. ML Discover Pisco Gran Sierpe! It's a hot new twist on a timeless taste Words by Basak Karaevli

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