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Born and raised next to the brilliant rays of sunshine, onshore electric-blue waves, and crisp granules of sand nipped straight from the tanned crust of Daytona Beach, Matthew represents the epitome of a true "Florida boy." You can find him either jamming out to an indie Saves the Day melody, or running the tread out of his neon Nikes alongside Miami's chalked sidewalks. This preppy perfectionist and loose-knotted, surfer socialite is more than just a clever combination of words and catchphrases, but rather an individual who prides himself on originality and matchless creativity. Lasst August Matthew married his gorgeous, freckled fiancée at Plymouth Congregational Church in Coral Gables. And from what he's heard, their reception at the Ritz Carlton, South Beach, is still being talked about today. After graduating from Florida State University in 2005, as a creative writing major, he now attends the Master's in Writing program at Nova Southeastern University. Additionally, Matthew serves on the editorial board for the Institute for Medical Education & Research (IMER) in North Miami. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, such as Miami Living, Aventura, the Boca Raton Observer, FSView and NSU's Farquhar Forum. He's confident that his desire and ambition will stand the test of time within the writing community and publishing industry. MATTHEW HOYT WEEKS WrIter I hail from Istanbul, Turkey, and when I am not traveling back to my country for vacations, I always choose the option of going to the other most wonderful city, Miami, to enjoy the sun and the entertainment. Currently, I am studying marketing and entrepreneurship at Babson College, in Massachusetts, and I will be a senior this year. This summer I found myself writing a lot of stories for the Profile pages of Miami Living, which I happened to enjoy a lot. When I find some free time, other than going to school or writing stories for Miami Living, I go to the gym, play tennis, and I like socializing with my friends. I also read lots of magazines and books about traveling, and I love learning more about different cities around the world. My personal favorite sections in Miami Living are the Profile and People pages—I love learning new places, people, and things to do. That's why working for Miami Living has been a very fun and entertaining experience for me. BASAK KARAEVLI WrIter/INterN 18 MIaMI LIVINg Contributors Certified all-around geek and photography addict, Melina Deya came to photography by way of music. Melina's creativity started at an early age. She studied classical guitar at the age of 14 and soon her creative expression evolved into visual ideas. Music gave way to photography, and she was instantly hooked. As photography evolved into the digital medium, she dove in head first and began to decipher it with insatiable curiosity. She became an expert in Photoshop and all things "geek" while running her own post-production business. Her hobbies include collecting unicorn stickers and frolicking while wearing galoshes (kidding!). The youngest of 3 sisters, Melina grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her family moved to Miami when she was 14. She's lived in Miami, St. Petersburg, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Brrrr … her Latin blood couldn't take the cold). Having to adjust quickly to new surroundings has taught her to creatively solve problems and keep a good sense of humor. She constantly looks for inspiration, not only in her surroundings but also in her experiences. She finds inspiration in the works of photographers Javier Vallhonrat, Barbara Cole, and Guy Bourdin. She is the owner of two fantastic golden retrievers, Miles and Mina, both beloved pets, part-time photo subjects, and a full-time job! MELINA DEYA PhotograPher Ray Sherman has been a professional photographer with more than 25 years in the industry. He grew up in New Jersey, where his Dad, Mom, and brother were also photographers. Ray attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and graduated at the top of his class from Center for the Media Arts also in New York. Ray worked for many years in NY, shooting catalog for Macy's, JC Penny's, and others. He later opened his own studio in New Jersey with his wife, Maritza, who is also a fantastic wardrobe stylist and art director. Ray moved to Wellington, Florida, with his wife and two sons and continues to shoot for advertising agencies and magazines worldwide. Visit Ray Sherman on the Web at; or call (561) 313-7236. RAYMOND SHERMAN PhotograPher

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