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Crunch Time Staying fit and healthy while social distancing Words by Sergio Spasov • Photo by Pixabay We of ten believe that our lifestyles are hard to manage considering the little time we have during the day. We wish to achieve the utmost from our daily experiences in order to obtain our ultimate goals. Still, we of ten find it difficult to do even the bare minimum, but somehow, we always find the strength to move for ward. The truth is life moves fast nowadays. However, the real question is whether we have the courage to stop for a moment and rethink our actions and what really matters. We will realize one important thing. We need to stay active and healthy in order to maintain the energy we need to carry on with our fast-paced lifestyles. Nobody could have ever imagined that the world would have stopped, as it did, interrupting our daily routines. However, now, we can finally say that we have the time to do something we never could have done before. Staying home is not that bad after all! Once the government announced the quarantine, the first thought that came to my mind was, How am I supposed to work out now?! I am sure many of you had the same thoughts. Luckily, I am a member of one of the best corporate gyms out there, and they did not let me down. Crunch came out with a completely new platform for online training where coaches can train their clients in the comfort of their homes. How exciting! I, as a trainer, learned how to work on this platform within a week and this amazing opportunity was priceless. The platform offers many tools to help me develop a perfect workout for each of my clients, which I find crucial. The program is designed for members and trainers only, so we do not have to worry about someone stealing our personal information. As I write this, thousands of people are training with their personal trainers worldwide. I have clients on almost every continent and I am able to use a program that offers over 600 video exercises, with and without equipment. I want to thank Crunch for this opportunity that came just in time to help us through these challenging times we are experiencing. We are keeping our clients in shape and motivating people around the world to stay healthy and active. You can train whenever you want, all you need is your phone or laptop. ML Sergio is a certified trainer and fitness expert at Crunch Fitness South Beach: 1259 Washington Ave. | 305-674-8222 |

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