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You and your husband have been working with the Miami Symphony Orchestra for many years. What made you both decide to work and stay with the Symphony so long? AM: Well, at first, my husband did not really want to conduct the Miami Symphony because we were traveling all over the world. But the former maestro of the Miami Symphony heard about him. He told Eduardo that he was old and needed someone to go work with the Miami Symphony. So Eduardo went and looked at the Symphony. And then the former maestro died right after, so it was like fate. Then, fifteen years passed! We had to do a lot of work with the Miami Symphony because it wasn't the symphony that Miami deserved. Eduardo did a lot of work to transform it. He got new musicians from all over. Miami has a beautiful, real symphony now. I think before it was more like on a small cycle. Of course, classical music also has to change, all over the world, not only in Miami. It has to be adapted to our times. What advice would you give someone who wants to go into your line of work, whether that be modeling, acting, or wanting to be a part of the Miami Symphony Orchestra? AM: To just go forward. Sometimes there are many obstacles and it's not easy at all, but go on. Not everybody is waiting for you with open arms, on the contrary, you have to work very well with your ego. You have to be emotionally strong. I think that's the most important. Look at me, I'm not in my twenties and a lot of possibilities are happening. You have to keep on working on yourself! Sometimes it's difficult in the sense that there is a lot of competition of course, but if you're really true to yourself, everything is possible. What message would you like to leave your fans and fans of the Miami Symphony Orchestra? AM: All that we do is all about love. Love is everything, art is love. We have good music and you transform into this insane vibration. I've seen people come to our concerts —all 2,500 of them come in and are all transformed by the beautiful music and the performers. When they see the symphony and the passion in what they do, they are transformed. Art and music transforms us into love —into this higher vibration. We have to get rid of this aggressivity that we have right now in the world, there's too much tension. We have to unify and elevate ourselves into high vibrations. Good art, music, and movies nurture us and our spirit. And I think the Miami Symphony does that. ML Keep up with Athina at and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @AthinaMarturet For more on MISO, visit Red and White Mesh gown with signature Heart by Oscar Carvalo from Free My Soul Collection

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