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Food What's with the Fermented Food Craze? Here are a few reasons to try it Fermented foods have become a health food darling in the past 10 years. Fermentation is a buzzword. Probiotics isn't just a scientific term–it's a 37-billion-dollar industry. Even apartment dwellers in big cities are finding space on their countertops for fermentation crocks and half gallon mason jars with airlocks. But really, what's all the fuss about? The short answer is that it's complicated. Fermentation likely began in some long-forgotten, ancient society by accident. After all, fermentation happens pretty naturally. But what a happy accident! For our ancestors, the main value of fermentation was food preservation. Fermentation allowed them to preserve fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and even meat without refrigeration. These days, fermentation is primarily done for flavor and health benefits, not food preservation. However, while claims that fermented foods bolster the microbiome abound, and many insist that they can be used to treat everything

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