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SCINTILLATING SOUND BITES INTIMATE VENUES "I love small clubs, they're more intimidating, but if you can break a crowd like that, then you're making traction. Sometimes it great to perform in front of 25,000 people or more, but it's harder to create that intimacy. Usually there's this big dip between me and the crowd, and I'm very much a touchy-feely person. I like that personal connection from the mall tour. I think I got that even before the mall tour, starting off in country music. Country music is all about the fan. You're never bigger than the fan, and you connect with the fan, and those have always been my standards," says Tiffany, who loves to hold hands with the audience and venture into the crowd. BAND LOVE "I'm wearing a lot of different hats that I wasn't wearing before," says Tiffany. Additionally, she runs a management company with partners doing all the production, and flirts with the idea managing people once she leaves the stage behind. "It's taken me awhile to have these amazing people around me and that's what kind of spawned my dedication to touring and just keeping it going 'cause I love my family that I have on the road with me. It's hard, you leave your home to be on the road, so if you can have a good family out there. It's so much easier. All my people wear multi-hats, which is great," say Tiffany. "I rely on my band… I just ask them to be as hammy-mammy as I am on stage." BEST OF BOTH WORLDS "I kinda live in both worlds a little bit. I'm from Norwalk, California, then made millions of dollars and moved to Orange County, which is definitely more fancy pants and girly-girl and I love that. It took me a long time to get into fashion, 'cause that just wasn't there for me before, so I love being part of that. At the same time, I'm very much an earthy, hippy-dippy kinda girl," she laughs. "I think if you can live in both worlds, you get the best of everything." FAN LOVE "Fans kinda trip out when they hang out with me 'cause I am very personable: I'm exchanging numbers and taking selfies. I'll be like, 'Hey babe, I'll watch your purse while you go to the bathroom. They're like, 'Oh my God, Tiffany just called me babe. I'm like a girlfriend.' I'm like, 'Yeah! We're friends.' I'm really that person. You can't do that with every fan. Some people can handle it. Some people can't. You have to just feel people out." A CLASSIC LIVES ON My favorite scene from TED is when Giovanni Ribisi dances to your music video for "I Think We're Alone Now" because it's so creepy. How did that happen? "It is creepy! I was like, 'What you trying to tell me here, guys?'" she laughs. "They don't have to ask me 'cause I didn't write 'I Think We're Alone Now.' They let me know and I thought it was awesome. The first time I saw it, I was a little creeped out. But I thought it was funny, of course. There's so many great memories that I have with The New Kids and Mark Wahlberg —back then he was just the brother. Crashing golf carts and causing havoc out on the road." She laughs. "I'm very proud of all of those guys. You want to see your friends succeed. I'm very proud to be a part of it. I had a teddy bear I called Eddie from Eddie Van Halen and had he came alive, I would've been really happy." You were in TED 2 as well? "Yes, they put a little throw out to 'I Think We're Alone Now' as well. My girlfriends have kids and they know me as Aunt T. They didn't come to my shows, and other than singing at the house, which I always do and goofing off with them, they don't really get what I do. But it was nice to see some of the teenagers watch the movie and go, [gasps] 'You're kinda famous.' And the littler ones, I just did Disney. I do Epcot ["Eat to the Beat" concert series], this was my third year. It's one of my favorite gigs. That's when all the little ones get to come and see me. We get to ride the park rides and do all that. They see me on the stage and they're making the connection. Music is such a celebration and really does speak to all different levels, people, cultures —I definitely see that when I do Epcot. I have fans that fly in from Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, they can go to Disney and have a good time. I'm performing three days there, it's more bang for their buck."

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