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Astrid Bavaresco What's it like being one of the single ladies on the show? Is there pressure to find a partner? Being one of the single ladies on the show is actually fun. I enjoyed being single and dating. I don't feel the pressure to find a partner, but I do feel like I am ready. Were there any moments in Season 2 when you thought, Maybe I shouldn't have said/done that? If so, what were they? Absolutely, I should not have brought up such a sensitive subject during Darnell's birthday and I should not have thrown the drink at Hencha. How is filming the show different than what's really happening? I think filming only captures a minute part of our lives. There's obviously too much going on for them to capture everything and because of that I believe that a lot of things are left out. So, it's a little different because the story is not shown to its entirety. You and Hencha seem to be at odds. How's that relationship going to play out this season? This season, you won't see Hencha and I find a solution to our differences. A lot happened this season between us and some issues can't be fixed overnight. How has the show impacted your relationships/friendships? Luckily, the show has not impacted me in a negative manner. My family and friends have been extremely supportive. Describe this season in one word. Bellicose. Follow Astrid on Twitter and Instagram: @astridbavaresco.

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