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second, third, fourth hit is what makes the difference," he explains. "Now, I'm releasing my third studio album in September and I'm proud and grateful that I've come this far!" Over the years, Schulz feels lucky to have the support of his family, his management team, booking agent, and record label, which has helped him walk him through the tough parts of the music industry. "There are so many people working on this and supporting me, and I am really grateful for that," he says. With a third album, Uncovered, on the horizon, Schulz has spent a fair share of time in the studio, but manages to get inspiration from everywhere to stay relevant. "Especially when you tour as much as I do, you always have to look for fresh music! You have to watch out on tour and see how people react to new things and make sure to stay on top of things. Still, you shouldn't change completely with every new hype out there. It's a mix of staying unique and true to yourself, yet reinventing yourself over and over." What sets Schulz apart from the rest is his vision of electronic music. "Most importantly, make people dance! Secondly, make the people dance," says Schulz. "No really, it's all about people enjoying themselves when they listen to your music. It has to stick to them and make them wanna move their feet and let it all out!" Schulz goes with his gut and what he likes. His music is a representation of who he is. "I still strive to make the kind of music that I personally like… A radio hit is great, but nevertheless, my music still has to work really well on the dancefloor." The music industry is constantly evolving and growing, and Schulz welcomes the competition. "Of course the competition is very high, as there are so many DJs who have had massive hits. But I think it's a great thing that you don't need a big name anymore to have a hit. There have been so many kids, like me, coming out of nowhere and having big hits –I love it!" Schulz's second album, Sugar, was released in 2015 with 15 songs, amongst them are "Headlights," "Sugar," and "Show Me Love." That summer, "Sugar" featuring Francesco Yates, quickly climbed the U.S. charts and became another world-wide hit. You never would have guessed that it only took Schulz five hours to compose the first version of his remix. Most recently, Schulz collaborated with David Guetta — who he looks up to for his humble demeanor— on the song "Shed a Light" featuring Cheat Codes. "I love working with David in the studio. He is just the best! He knows exactly what he wants music-wise," says Shulz. "Shed a Light" is a single from Uncovered, releasing this September. Another new single off the album is "OK" featuring James Blunt. The two had been trying to work together for nearly two years. "When he sent me "OK" for the first time, I was instantly in love," says Schulz. With this new album, Schulz has gotten to work with artists he has been wanting to work with for some time. "On my new album, I could make some dreams come true," he exclaims. "Funnily, it's not about the biggest name. It can be a great singer as well—I am addicted to great voices." ML Pick up Schulz's third album, Uncovered, slated for release September 8th, 2017. Keep up with Schulz at,, and WE WANT MORE! What's the story behind the sunglasses? I started wearing sunglasses because I was very shy—I was able to hide behind these glasses. They made me invisible, in a way. What do you do when you're not on tour? Sleeping, sleeping, sitting on the couch, meeting friends, and then sleeping again! And I love barbecue. Do you enjoy being on tour and traveling the world? Of course! I'm very happy to get the chance to see the whole world, but traveling can be very hard as well… Traveling is what I see as the work really. I try to make time for some sightseeing wherever I go, but that doesn't always work out. Which show from your tour are you looking forward to the most and why? This summer? Ibiza for sure, and my residency at XS in Las Vegas. Ibiza is the place to be, and it's always so special to play there! Also, the surroundings are great because we basically move there for the summer and it's like playing at home. What do you like most about Miami? I loooove Miami! There are so many cool places, some of my favorite restaurants are in Miami! When I play in Miami, I always try to stay near the beaches. I like taking a stroll on Ocean Drive, and would always recommend Wynwood Arts District. My first time at Miami Music Week was the best! I played three shows in one day and ended up at LIV playing with Guetta. I just remember waking up in the hotel with a little hangover. Even though I don't remember all of it, it's still one of my favorite memories!

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