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Lifestyle Achieving Your Goals in 2017 Award-winning life coach Stacia Pierce shares three of her success secrets Words by Stacia Pierce Many times people think "If I just work harder… If I have determination and perseverance… All I need is one big break…" to make my dreams come true… I just want you to know, your personal vision, attitude, and expectation of a great life is what will keep you motivated and determined enough to persevere and reach your goals. Much of success is "inside work." Long before it becomes a reality, it is born in your heart and mind and needs to be cultivated. If setting resolutions hasn't worked for you, I encourage you to not just create a list of goals but resolve to focus more on the inner work that it takes to bring about real change. To get you moving in the right direction, I'm sharing my top three success secrets to make this your best year ever. If you're tired of looking back and feeling disappointed about not achieving your dreams and goals, you may want to try applying the following tips to your business and life. Journal Your Way through the Entire Year Put pen to paper to write your way to a successful year. I cannot stress the importance of scripting out your life. What's written is real. Journaling enables you to align your mind and emotions and focus on your truest desires. Not only is it a great cleansing exercise, but it will empower you by building momentum, faith, and determination to reach your goals. Set aside at least five minutes of writing time daily. You can try morning pages where you freestyle write about whatever comes to mind. Or Brain dump at the end of the day to clear your mind and sort your thoughts. You should also write a vision for your week, what positive results you expect to happen. Once you really get into writing your future success, you will start to see more manifestation at a faster rate. Choose a Word Theme that Resonates and Inspires You Start your year with a word that represents your theme for the year. Imagine yourself at the end of the year looking back over the most amazing year of your life. If you could reach every goal, make all the money you want, achieve the highest sense of fulfillment and well-being, if everything you touched turned to gold --what word would best describe your winning year in a nutshell? Write down every word that comes to you. Take a day or two to meditate on your winning year and the words on that list. Circle the word that resonates with you the most and write it down in your Success Journal or on an index card. This word will be your watchword for the year. It is the essence of your success. Allow this word to center your focus and guide you throughout the year. Get a Vision of your Best Year Ever When you have a business goal you are trying to reach, you must first see it in your mind's eye. Your mind will rise no higher than the pictures you focus on. Your life always moves in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. Activate the great power of your imagination to bring about what you truly desire. You have to see it and believe it before you manifest it. Spend time in the morning meditating on how you want the outcome to be. Dream big, ponder questions and write down the answers that come during your meditation time. Another way to aid your meditation time is to use focus props: create a vision board or goal card and keep it near your bed so it's the first thing you see before going to sleep and when waking up in the morning. I have a feeling that this year will be everything that you want it to be and more than you expect (if you intentionally take action). I've shared with you my top success secrets to making this your best year ever; now the rest is up to you. LET'S GO! ML For more information on Stacia visit:

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