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"It's a big emotional ride," Dr. Paul Nassif says of his quarter-century-plus career in plastic surgery. "But some stories resonate dramatically with me." Beverly Hills' own Mr. Fix-It recalls one particular patient who was featured back in season two of his popular reality E! TV series, Botched. Her name was Luci Diprima, who came to see him for an extremely complex reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery after shattering her nose during a motorbike accident in Italy. "I got a special test of her brain because I was looking for something else, but in the process, I found two aneurysms that soon would've killed her," he says. "I was able to save her life." In case you missed that episode, Dr. Nassif not only saved her life but fixed Luci's nose too – even though the chances of a successful reconstructive rhinoplasty were slim. Saving lives, stitching up noses… – just a typical day for one of the best reconstructive facial plastic surgeons in the business. The Botched duo, which includes co-star and longtime friend Dr. Terry Dubrow, have amassed quite the following of loyal fans who have fallen in love with their undeniable bromance, the breadth of talent and passion demonstrated, and the patients behind these rare and sometimes impossible cases. But Dr. Nassif's ability and desire to help people doesn't stop at fixing botched surgeries. Hollywood's finest plastic surgeon has expanded his repertoire with the creation of his own anti- aging skincare collection, Nassif MD Bio-Clock Dermaceuticals, which targets the main causes of the aging process and aims to get clients to feel confident in their own skin. "I've put a lot of TLC into this," he says. "With my reputation, I'm known as the guy who fixes things, so there's no way in the world I'm going to put something together that's not going to function properly for your skin." His first skincare line, Nassif MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare, specifically addressed the bio-rhythmic changes people experience and the effects these changes have on the skin. Keeping its two biggest features: hydration and antioxidants, he enlisted the help of a chemist and expanded on those concepts and developed the Bio-Clock line. "In a facelift, I'm able to take care of elevating and lifting the skin," he says. "However, what I do in surgery does not affect the outside of the skin. I'm lifting muscles and deep tissue, and that doesn't make the skin look right – you're lifting everything up on wrinkled skin. This line hydrates the skin with quality ingredients, penetrating deep down into the skin."Available exclusively through his website and HSN, products include Hydro-Screen, Day Therapy, Night Therapy, Revitalizing Eye Crème, Deco-Lift Neck Firming Complex, Pure Hydration Gentle Cleanser, and Detox Pads. Dr. Nassif stands by all of his products which have been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing the skin and boosting collagen levels. But as with everything in life – food, movies, kids, you name it – there will always be favorites. Skincare products are no exception. Dr. Nassif says he has two of them from his line that he goes crazy over. "It's my deco lift," he says. "As I age, I'm starting to see a little bit of wrinkling and sagging in my neck, unfortunately, and this reduces that." His second favorite is his detox pads, which firm and exfoliate the skin, minimize pores and improve the overall appearance of skin tone. In a study conducted by Princeton Consumer Research Corporation, the detox pads effectively removed dirt, makeup and residue 108 percent better than soap and water. "It's basically a spa in a pad," he adds. Whether you try one or all seven of his age-defying products, Bio-Clock Dermaceuticals is a skincare line for everyone. "Hydration and protection are for every age," he says. In the midst of balancing surgeries, skincare lines, writing a book about his work as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and opening a mini spa next to his office, Dr. Nassif has also started filming season 4 of Botched. He couldn't reveal too much on the upcoming season, but he assures it's another roller coaster of emotion. Fans first got a glimpse of Dr. Nassif during his brief stint on E!'s Dr. 90210 and a couple episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the then-husband of Adrienne Maloof, but to Dr. Nassif, Botched and Botched by Nature is a completely different ball game – it's something he loves wholeheartedly."Putting this show together means everything," he says. "No. 1, it helps people who really need it and that never had access to this type of surgery, whether financially or they just didn't know it existed. No. 2, it shows off my talents. And, No. 3, I've always been an excellent facial plastic and revision surgeon, but compared to the complicated cases we get now, I have taken my skillset to a higher level that I never thought it could be. I have those three things there, but the No. 1 thing is that it's been a very rewarding experience in helping these patients." It's all in a day's work for Dr. Nassif – the rewards, the demanding nature of his profession, the other business ventures he continues to pursue, and the can-do attitude he upholds throughout the entire ride. However, there's no greater role than being a father to his three sons, Gavin and twins Colin and Christian. "When I'm not working, I love spending quality time with my boys, who are very active," he says. "Trying to play basketball with them is always a challenge because they kick my butt all the time, especially my 10-year-old twins. I've been making it a point to get home earlier so I can spend more time with them, which is always most important." 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