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You've worked with Shakira and Thalia, who will your next music collaboration be with? MALUMA: "There are several artists that I'm very fond of, but I'd like to pursue the Anglo world. I've had the opportunity to work with great stars that are still on my radar, but I'd like to work with American artists, hopefully they'll be women. I don't know, maybe Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez. I think it would be a great step for my career and a dream come true." You are about to start your Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy tour in the United States. What will you bring to your fans? MALUMA: "The most important thing is to bring a great show; this is the main reason we've prepared for this tour. There will be more than 14 performances where my team and I will be on the road. We worked very hard during our tour in Latin America and Europe. We are thrilled that for the first time we'll be performing on a tour in America. I've received many messages through social media from fans that are very excited and can't wait to see us perform. I believe that they paid to see a great show and this is what we came to do." What connects you to the great city of Miami? MALUMA: "Its Latin flavor, it's the truth. I cannot deny that I'm in love with my Hispanic culture, not only Colombians but my Venezuelan friends, Dominicans, Mexicans --the Latin flavor that runs through our veins. Every time I come to Miami, I simply connect with the extraordinary cultural diversity this city offers." ML Connect with MALUMA. For tour dates and personal updates, visit:,, and

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