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Why acting —what made you decide that's what you would do with your life? Sofia Milos: "I have always been creative as long as I can remember. As a kid and teenager, I used to draw a lot and I was a successful model. I also have always loved photography and painting. Acting was the therapy I needed when I first started. Having the ability to create characters and their strengths, I was able to build my strength and confidence. Then it became a passion and a job. I trained many years in scene study classes, even while being on TV shows. I am still in the theater group because I love the stage work and a live audience, but it's television that gave me a good living and I'm grateful. I know I'm fortunate and blessed to do what I love to do. But it wasn't just luck — it was diligence and persistence." What process do you go through to choose the roles you accept? SM: "I mostly get called in or considered for strong, powerful, intelligent, professional women, whether it be on one side of the law or the other. And there is a great deal to win on a personal level when studying and preparing for these kinds of roles. Although, I would love to do a lighthearted comedy as I love to have fun and laugh." How is each different role special to you? What is your favorite role and why? SM: "Working with Dan Ireland on the romantic comedy Passionada was very special to me because it was a great role to play and we became friends. Dan just passed away this year and he loved good movies, women, and protected his stars. I played Celia Amonte, a Portuguese mother who was the daughter of the [character played by the] late Lupe Ontiveros and mother of [the character played by] Emmy Rossum. Its three generations of strong Portuguese women in the town of New Bedford, Massachusetts. I also loved playing Mafia boss Annalisa Zucca in a recurring role in The Sopranos, opposite James Gandolfini." How has acting for television been different than film? SM: "When you're on a television series as a regular, the cast, and crew become your family, since that's where you spend every day and most of the year. Your life is as stable and predictable as it can be for anyone working in our industry. Doing a movie is great too because we get a chance to fully immerse ourselves in a character most of the time and you have more time in general to perfect every aspect of it and make it more effective and then it's done. But nowadays, American shows are done so exceptionally well that many film actors are now perfectly happy doing television shows and enjoying a more stable lifestyle." How did shows like The Sopranos and CSI: Miami impact your career? SM: "They impacted my life, or shall we say my career, tremendously on an international level. It opened many doors and gave me opportunities in Italy, France, Switzerland, and Canada, to get offers and work, as well as to raise awareness for many charities over the years." What are some of your other passions aside from acting? SM: "I love to dance salsa and bachata. I also love to cook. In fact, I have a YouTube channel called Sofia's Kitchen with Sofia Milos. I feature healthy alternatives to classic Mediterranean dishes. I hope everyone will check it out and let me know what they tried!" What are you currently working on? SM: "I just finished working on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders with Gary Sinise and Alana De La Garza, where I play Greek Sergeant Alexandra Balaban. The CBS series' second season premieres around March 2017. I loved this cast and crew and had a great time. My thriller, The Stranger Inside, in which I star with Kelly Sullivan and Gabriel Hogan, directed by Danny J. Boyle, just premiered at the Glendale Film Festival and hopefully it's going to be released. I can't wait to share it. We presented our sitcom pilot sizzle with Emilio Rivera as my husband at the Hollywood Latin Upfronts, created by Kiki Melendez, co-produced by Craig Moss and directed by comedian Paul Rodriguez —a showcase of multicultural talents beyond the stereotype. I'm also currently filming Chicago Justice, which is a new Dick Wolf NBC television drama, premiering in early 2017. I play powerful defense attorney Mary Willis. The episode is directed by Eric La Salle. The writing is exceptional." What's your message to females who want to break into this industry? SM: "If you're not already in the industry now's the time to get out ! Marry and have a stable life. But if you're already in it or if you feel you're a visionary who is crazy and courageous enough to pursue this career with persistence, in spite of all obstacles and fears, then by all means, go for it and don't give up on yourself. Women are amazing when we believe in or love something. Believe in your dreams and make them come true in your daily life. Flourish and prosper!" ML For more on Sofia, visit and follow her on, Twitter: @MilosSofia, and Instagram: @SofiaMilos_official.

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