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Innovative Solutions: Awakening Miami to the Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep Enter PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness, a groundbreaking clinic is making waves in the realm of sleep health and wellness. The team at PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness has pioneered the revolutionary PROSOMNIA Sleep® Therapy — the first, one-hour anesthesia-induced IV infusion clinical sleep therapy designed to combat chronic insomnia and REM sleep disorders. This cutting-edge therapy marks a pivotal moment in Miami’s sleep health landscape, providing individuals with a transformative solution that delves deep into the intricacies of their sleep challenges. PROSOMNIA Sleep® Therapy is an IV infusion clinical therapy approved for use outside of hospital settings, offering a pragmatic and efficient solution for those suffering from chronic insomnia and REM sleep disorders. It involves a one-hour session where individuals receive FDA-approved medication, promoting a significant boost in REM sleep. This therapy resets the sleep cycle, providing immediate relief from sleep debt and fostering a sense of rejuvenation rather than the grogginess commonly associated with sleep aids. In addition to its flagship therapy, PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness offers PROSOMNIA Drip® IV Hydration Therapy. This accompanying service provides the proper hydration, vitamin and minerals, which are often overlooked as part of an overall sleep wellness routine. The clinic has several other services to help diagnose and stimulate natural sleep, which include educational support, one-on-one consultations, and group sessions with PROSOMNIA specialists. Before undergoing therapy, each patient receives a personalized PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health & Wellness Plan, ensuring a tailored approach to a patient’s sleep challenges. At the core of PROSOMNIA Sleep®’s approach is the belief that true sleep wellness goes beyond addressing symptoms; it involves a comprehensive understanding and treatment of the root causes. The synergy between PROSOMNIA Sleep® Therapy and PROSOMNIA Drip® IV Hydration Therapy establishes a unique and holistic treatment plan. This combination not only targets sleep disorders but also prioritizes overall health and wellness. PROSOMNIA Sleep® offers more than a remedy — it provides a solution. By addressing chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders with a personalized treatment plan, the innovative therapy promotes an environment where revitalized sleep health becomes a tangible reality. It’s not just about sleeping; it’s about achieving the necessary restful, restorative sleep essential for overall human health and wellness. A Movement Towards Better Health Through Sleep PROSOMNIA Sleep® Health and Wellness is a paradigm shift within a space long stuck in the same solutions. It’s not just a clinic; it’s a movement towards better sleep and overall health. With its unique therapies and a holistic approach, it stands poised to change the landscape of sleep medicine. Visit the clinic in Aventura, FL, and experience the transformational power of PROSOMNIA Sleep® Therapy. Experience the future of sleep health: Where dreams become a reality! To learn more visit: Follow them on their social media channels: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: PROSOMNIA Sleep® Therapy These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

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