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PROSOMNIA Sleep Health and Wellness Revolutionizing Sleep Health in Miami The Aventura-based clinic has developed a new approach to battling chronic insomnia and issues related to REM sleep disorders and sleep debt. Miami, our enchanting city where the nights are alive with beats and the days are kissed by the sun, is facing an unexpected adversary — insomnia. The irony of insomnia taking center stage in a city that boasts wellness and health as the cornerstone of our communities is both apparent and disconcerting. Sleep is becoming a commodity, as some struggle with the reality of their lifestyle or life experiences influencing their ability to fully rest. According to the National Library of Medicine, the third edition of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD-3) states that insomnia is characterized by difficulty in either initiating sleep, maintaining sleep continuity, or poor sleep quality. It is the most common sleep disorder in the United States affecting about one-third of the general population. In Florida, over 27.3% of adults under 65 suffer from chronic insomnia, according to a study from the University of Florida, with an overwhelming majority of them being women. The cause of sleep disorders such as insomnia not only vary greatly, so do the solutions available to those suffering from these conditions. Miami’s rich cultural tapestry adds a layer of complexity to the city’s sleep narrative. The demands of a modern life mixed with Miami-laden traditions, such as our ever-beloved cafecito breaks and late night party scene, create a complex web of what eventually becomes a serious sleep issue.

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