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Shaun Nowrouzi An Inspiring Artist Shaun nowrouzi utilizes his building expertise to craft captivating sculpture gardens for luxury homes & mansions. Shaun Nowrouzi is an accomplished general contractor who has created a buzz around his creative and imaginative artwork, which will be on display in an exclusive exhibit in January. Shaun’s artwork showcases the dynamic essence of an exciting garden he envisions for luxury residences and public spaces in South Florida. He has been called a “gifted artist” by admirers of his work, which features inspired silhouettes of ballerinas and dancers, as well as abstract pieces and more. Shaun designs ensemble pieces and manufactures them using aluminum and other metals to create his artwork. From the pedestals to the engineering of the display environment and the lush landscaping that frames them, he incorporates shapes and forms that complement the surrounding landscape and hardscape. Miami Living Magazine interviewed Shaun about his vision for this article: Why are sculpture gardens a focus for your art? The integration of art and nature has been a constant source of joy and inspiration for me. From where do you draw inspiration? My love for creating and expressing myself through various artistic mediums became stronger as I traveled the world. As my fascination with sculpture grew, I became increasingly drawn to abstract artwork, which ignited a fire within me that led me to experiment with metal objects to create my sculptures.

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