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time - this was groundbreaking). I decided to improvise that day, and give myself a real purpose for the show. At the end of the day, he asked me to come over and talk to him. My hands shook. He asked me my name. He told me my improv was brilliant and asked me what I was doing for the next couple months. In that moment, I learned so much about the world. I was terrified I overstepped my boundaries, that he was upset. I took a risk, I went off book, I made what I was doing important, and I didn’t let myself be afraid to take up space. So many of those lessons I use every day… and so many more…. Hollywood’s not going anywhere. I just want to continue creating beautiful things, whether it’s content or consumer goods! ML: It’s fascinating that Metta World Peace has joined Vie En Rose as an official advisor and investor. How did this collaboration come about, and what role does he play in the brand’s development? Malea: A wonderful series of events. I met his first financial advisor at a female founder’s event. I had a Vie En Rose pop up. Raj thought my brand was super cool and asked a lot of questions. I wasn’t ready and was scared to do my first financial raise - I have no MBA! But we kept in touch and at some point, we connected, and he taught me so many things about business and little did I know he was vetting me for his friend, Metta World Peace, who was building out AMG Capital early stages. We all connected, and the synergy was beautiful. Metta, like me, has had to fight the stigmas of his past, prove himself, and did the work. He’s fearless of reinvention, thinks outside the box because he’s untraditional like me. As a work best friend/advisor we just really work well together. He is the most respectful genuine human philanthropist, husband, father - cares about the world - empowers women, minorities, humans. Also, certainly changes investors and people wasting my time when I bring him into meetings. He’s a legend. Malice at the Palace? I’m sorry, but that’s exactly who I want on my team. The man who brought the house down, then reinvented himself again. We have so many cool things going on… Next year is going to be wild - in business. ML: Your products emphasize both luxury and clean, natural elements. Can you share your vision for the future of Vie En Rose, any upcoming product releases, and what you hope to achieve with your brand in the coming years? Malea: I’m launching in India at the end of the year which is the largest growing skincare market in the world currently! It’s very exciting and actually a meaningful responsibility to define a new era of beauty in a new country. I’m always on the quest for fun collabs and new product launches. I just had a partnership with FabFitFun that went great! In February I’m going to visit the White Lotus 3 set in Asia, and I couldn’t be more excited to mix some business with pleasure. I’m kind of one of those always doing too many things, thriving in chaos, needing a nap - kind of a person. I have more products to roll out, retailers to partner with. I’d love to bring clean affordable luxury to the masses now that I’m a bit more established in the upscale luxury space. I hope I can keep Vie En Rose scaling, being conscious, empowering, continue building this beautiful community, and really figure out how to take things to the next level. Then part of me wants to go retire on a winery in Italy and do absolutely nothing! But I guess I have a bit more work before that. Follow along for my never-ending random adventures and projects! Instagram: @LoveMaleaRose @VieEnRoseBeauty Website: By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Nicholas Kalikow & Vie En Rose

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