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Radiance Unveiled Malea Rose’s Odyssey From Hollywood to Haute Skincare Discover the world of multi-hyphenate talent, Malea Rose, whose journey has taken her from the silver screen to the forefront of the skincare industry with her brand, Vie En Rose. With an impressive résumé that includes working alongside Hollywood’s finest, Malea’s transition to CEO of her luxury skincare company has been nothing short of remarkable. Vie En Rose’s products have not only gained the admiration of A-listers but have also made their mark on the sets of hit TV series. In this exclusive interview with Miami Living Magazine, Malea shares her passion for skincare, the science behind her brand’s latest innovations, and the unique ingredients that set her products apart. Get ready to delve into a world of beauty, luxury, and celebrity endorsement as Malea Rose takes us on her exciting journey. Miami Living: Your skincare brand, Vie En Rose, has garnered the attention and praise of several celebrities, including actress Connie Britton and internet sensation Jake Paul. What inspired you to create this brand, and what sets it apart from other skincare products on the market? Malea Rose: Vie En Rose was an outlet from Hollywood originally, I didn’t expect such a large pivot at this point in my life. It was to fix my own skin, and I truly enjoyed the creative process, incredible learning curves, and never-ending challenges and problems to solve in entrepreneurship. As an actor or filmmaker, we tell stories to connect. As a brand, I still tell stories (factual ones) to connect. I think my meticulous attention to each detail and passion for clean, yet results driven, ingredients shine through in my products. Each piece is consciously sourced. I am an ingredient nerd, I know why each component is in each blend, right down to finding clean preservatives. There was a huge gap in the market in truly transparent clean products, that actually gave me results. I was suffering from skin sensitivities and painful rashy bumps and breakouts leading up to creating Vie En Rose. I was truly looking to find a cure to fix my own skin problems. When I was producing one of Jake’s boxing events, I knew he was having skin struggles, and I wanted to make that superstar look his best. Which I think is such a wonderful testament to how incredible the range of success stories using my products is. Connie is one of the most beautiful women in the world, totally different skin, but her skin loves it, because Vie En Rose gives results. For all skin types, ethnicities, ages, genders. In creating this brand, I’ve built a community of brilliant minds around me who are always challenging and inspiring me to stay unique and in my own lane, instead doing what everyone else is. I like to celebrate the brand’s uniqueness and even my own journey of teaching myself how to build Vie En Rose from the ground up, after 15 years of working in Hollywood. There’s also this beautiful community of humans through social media I’ve connected with about health, confidence, extreme weight loss, self-love, skin issues -you name it. I love being in a business that promotes natural beauty and confidence. My products are unique because they actually work! Results results results! ML: It’s impressive to see that your products have had such a positive impact on celebrities and even played

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