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Glowup! Skincare Mentoring and Coaching With Emily Trampetti Emily Trampetti, licensed esthetician and skin coach, is the new kid on the block in Florida, and we caught up with her to see what her plans are for giving more Floridians a #glowup this season! After growing up in Wisconsin, and working in Chicago for the last ten years, Trampetti has decided to bring her family and business to the sunshine state. “I’ve always had such a connection to Florida from past family vacations and relatives, and can’t wait to unveil more beautiful skin in our new home,” Trampetti says. Trampetti is founder and owner of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics Program, a fully virtual skincare coaching service that helps clients from all over the world, and in all stages of their skincare journey, finally take control of their skin and reach their goals. During the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Trampetti was forced to close her newly opened skincare clinic and figure out a way to keep her business afloat while continuing to help her clients - who were even more in need of skin help with the pandemic’s effects. As she states, “It was 2020, and I only had my skincare spa open for a year. I was finally starting to make a name for myself in Chicago before I was forced to close due to Chicago government COVID regulations. It was heartbreaking, and after seven months of being unable to do any business, I was forced to close my brick and mortar.” But luckily, Trampetti already had started exploring the possibility of

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