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With signature locations across New York, Florida, and California as well as an ever-expanding franchise business, Crunch Fitness has been making an impact globally with over 425 locations worldwide. In fact, Crunch Polk St. just went viral on social media for its historical Alhambra theatre preservation and modern Olympic weightlifting platforms. Another focal point within the Crunch brand is the signature club nestled in the heart of South Beach, which is celebrating 25 years of making fitness fun. Popular in South Beach since the 90s, Crunch South Beach is the type of place where you never know who or what you may find within its walls. In the late 90s, you could spot Madonna taking Ride classes and Steven Tyler watching Dance de La Soul classes. In the 2000s, Crunch South Beach was home to many reality TV show casts, which include Hulk Hogan, the Janice Dickinson show, and the iconic Jersey Shore. In true South Beach style, you might find a drag queen on a weight machine or the cast of Magic Mike or the Cirque de Soleil working out. Located at 1259 Washington Avenue in the heart of South Beach, Crunch South Beach offers the widest selection of free weights and machines in its 22,000-square-foot facility. The club extends on a second floor between the block of 12th and 13th street on the east side of Washington Avenue. In 2018, Crunch added a gorgeous turf area in the back of the club, which provides an ideal surface for building strength, power, agility, speed, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Between the large cardio selection, the jungle gym, the turf area, the free weights, and the weight machines, Crunch South Beach offers the best selection for any fitness fanatic and welcomes everybody to explore how they choose to approach fitness. With the variety of fitness options available inside Crunch’s facility, members never run out of training approaches. Renowned for creating one-of-a-kind group fitness classes and unique programming for wildly diverse members, Crunch South Beach is also the birthplace of Zumba(c) and one of the initial studios to offer Antigravity(c) Yoga. Both formats along with other dance, cardio, yoga, spin, and sculpting classes, still make Crunch Fitness’ schedule one of the most diverse and versatile around. “The greatest thing about Crunch is all the amazing classes they offer,” said long-time Crunch Fitness member Kia Condorousis. “It’s a place where when you walk in, you always see a familiar smiling face from the other members you become close friends with or the incredible instructors. I’m so fortunate to have had Crunch in my life for 25 years and to continue having this brand in my life for the years to come. I’m turning 52 in a few months, and I owe my youthful glow to the joy and fun I find in my dance and workout classes. I’m forever grateful.” Evocative of true Crunch Fitness fashion and philosophy, Crunch South Beach has always been more than a gym.  It’s a fitness community for all types of people, with all types of goals, exercising all different ways – working it out at the same place together.   “I credit my love of fitness to this place,” said Crunch Jennifer Ifrah, who has been a member since 1999. “Crunch South Beach has consistently offered fun, unique and challenging classes with talented and motivating instructors. I’ve met people here that have become lifelong friends, and I still take classes with people I have worked out with over 20 years ago. It’s a pretty amazing community for a place like South Beach.”  Ifrah also added, “One of the best things about Crunch is its unpretentiousness. Anyone from the gym newbie, which was me back in 1999; to a middle-aged mom, which is my current self; to a 70+ badass woman, which is my lifting partner; you can feel comfortable and welcomed at Crunch – No Judgements!” Website: Address: 1259 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Phone: +1 305-674-8222

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