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Kicking off the new year by cleansing your body with a detox diet? A dietitian unpacks the science behind these fads Words by Taylor Grasso,Registered Dietitian, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. A special thanks to The Conversation for republishing permission. Detox diets are often touted as a way to cleanse the body after the excess food and drinks that come with the holidays. These diets promise quick results and can particularly entice people around the new year, when there tends to be a renewed focus on health and lifestyle habits. There are a few different types of detox diets: fasting, juice cleanses, eating only certain foods, using dietary commercial detox supplements or “cleansing” the colon with enemas or laxatives. Most of these diets have a few things in common: They are short-term and aim to eliminate allegedly toxic substances from the body. Typically, these diets include a period of fasting followed by an extremely restrictive diet for a number of days. As a registered dietitian, I have seen clients attempt detox diets and experience a slew of negative side effects, including developing a negative relationship with food.

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