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These delectable adult freezer pops offer a fun and convenient way to enjoy high-quality cocktails, making them the perfect choice for outdoor gatherings, soaking up the sun in Miami, or simply relaxing. They are easy to store in your freezer, ensuring that you always have a refreshing treat within reach. At Prohibition Pops, they remain committed to providing the best quality products, made with clean, all-natural ingredients and premium spirits, without any artificial colorings, dyes or sweeteners. With over three decades of combined experience in the industry, the team at Prohibition Pops has created a premium ready-to-drink craft cocktail that can be enjoyed as a popsicle or melted over ice. Founded by husband and wife duo, Cornelia Mathis and Cody Carney, Prohibition Pops is dedicated to revamping traditional cocktails with a modern twist, to help you capture and share your life’s most exciting moments. Cornelia Mathis, Co-Founder, and CEO, says, “We’re passionate about our mission – sharing our knowledge and experience makes life more meaningful and fun for everyone!”

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