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young. But it was quite an experience. You said before you enjoyed travelling to Prague and France for this film? While shooting the film there? Did you actually get to see these places? On your days off? You brought your family probably? Ryan Gosling: Yeah, I did yeah. Can you be a dad, or are you so much in your workspace mind? Ryan Gosling: No, I’m like a dad first and part of the reason doing the film was this opportunity for us to go to these interesting places and be there with my kids. There was a funny moment when we were shooting the Prague Square scene and I’m handcuffed to the bench. And there’s all these explosions going off. And my phone started to ring and I got behind the bench and I answered it with my free hand and it was Eva and she was like, ‘How long are these explosions going to go on for because the girls have a Zoom class in an hour?’ [laughs] That sums it up. We were staying in a hotel nearby so they could hear all of this. Are your kids impressed by what you do? Do they get it? Ryan Gosling: You know, it’s funny, like we went to France and we went everywhere, we went to the Louvre and all these things. And I wonder if I asked them now, ‘What was your favourite part about France?’ They will say, ‘The fruit plate at the hotel.’ [laughs] You know? It’s like the things that they like or resonate with them. But anyway, they’re impressed but by things you wouldn’t imagine or predict them being impressed by. How will you introduce them to your body of work? There are not too many films you could show them at the moment? Ryan Gosling: Well, ‘Barbie’ was a way to do that. Not necessarily like I’m making it for them but it’s the first time I think they kind of are understanding, although they can’t for the life of them understand why I want to play Ken, because nobody plays with Ken! [laughs] But that’s why we must tell his story. You’re obviously playing the lead character in this film but Ana de Armas plays a strong woman in this and we are seeing more and more strong female action characters. Do you think women are stronger than men in real life? Ryan Gosling: [laughs] I don’t know. I think it depends on the person. I think that’s like a generalisation. There are very strong female characters in this movie and I thought that the movie is so much better for it. Thank God for Ana de Armas’ character, I mean she saves my life, I wouldn’t be alive for the sequel if it wasn’t for her. Tell us about yours and Ana’s characters relationship on screen? There’s a limited spectrum of emotion? Ryan Gosling: I mean, there’s no time, you know, this film takes place over the course of a couple of days and their lives are on the line. I think it’s a different kind of bond. I really enjoyed their dynamic, you know, it doesn’t always have to be that way, you know, and it’s like, this is a different kind of connection. And it’s an interesting one to explore. Professional one? Ryan Gosling: Yeah. Aside from this, you have quite a few new movies coming up now – how is it to be back in the game full-time? Ryan Gosling: It’s great. It’s great to be back to work. I’m having a lot of fun with what I’m making. And I hope that the audiences have fun seeing it too. The next one is called ‘The Fall Guy’ and it’s with David Leitch, another action film about a stunt guy. Yeah, I’m really excited for that. I really like doing action right now – it beats standing around and talking. Are you planning to direct another film anytime soon? Ryan Gosling: I don’t know. Not like in the near future. It just takes a lot. It’s too much work [laughs]. I’ll leave that to the professionals. Finally, you’re looking very cool. Do you have someone who styles you when you do promotion stuff? Ryan Gosling: You know, I’ve been dressing myself for 41 years! [laughs]. Thank you.

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