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Fast forward about 15 years, I was in the process of getting in the best shape of my life again, just to realize there were flaws in my diet. I started working with another amazing trainer, who got me to 10% body fat. He planted the encouraging seed for competition in the world of bodybuilding. Because of this encouragement, I was not only successful in my own competition, but I also started encouraging others to do the same. I started on my path to training clients and motivating others to become the best version of themselves through social media. It became my passion to help others, while continuing on my path to becoming a pro bodybuilder. I now dedicate myself to helping individuals obtain the physique they desire by creating the progressions and breaking down their personal obstacles. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in fitness, other trainers can advance you and take you to the next best version of yourself. Something I often see in gyms is ego lifting --people lifting to impress others or lifting too much weight that they can’t handle. Over time, this leads to a habit of bad training and potential injuries. Often I see gym-goers only doing a quarter of the squat and not applying full range of motion. Over time, this puts stress on knees and won’t allow one’s legs to be strong enough, in order to handle heavier loads. I have witnessed gym-goers squatting more than they should and blowing out their knees. These bad habits could be avoided by working with a fitness coach to make small adjustments that make a big difference. When you invest so much time and energy into your health and physique, you should care about doing it the right way. Some stay away from training due to a previous injury or just to try to train on their own and get reinjured. Because of my personal injuries as well as the injuries I’ve seen others suffer over the years, I’ve learned that proper resistance training with a professional will 100% help an individual bounce back from injury and prevent future injuries. The COVID-19 shutdown created a new kind of person/client as it made people lazier and move less. Many were saying to stay away from gyms and fitness centers, not realizing what this was doing to people’s health. In order to stay strong and keep a healthy immune system, you must stay active. You need the proper nutrition, cardio program, strength program and supplements when you are not getting nutrients from whole foods. Another factor in my success at Crunch are the Dotfit supplements; I use them and highly encourage my clients to use them to keep their immune system strong and achieve their fitness goals. Dotfit products are the best, because they’re FDA regulated and they work. Lastly, you need accountability. Even if you know how to work out and eat right, if you’re not doing it, your health is at risk. We all need to be held accountable from time to time. We all need motivation from time to time, which is why a fitness professional’s help is essential. Get out of your house, get moving and get to the gym! If you are still staying in your house due to a health condition, then reach out to Crunch and have us coach you from the comfort of your own home through our online platform “Lift.” I have been blessed to have gotten the opportunity to do what I love and work for such a great company like Crunch. I have been supported in such a way that has put me in a position to win while helping others in their goals as well as needs. This is the happiest I have been working for anyone, because they care about me and they care about your goals. When you do what you love and get the support you need, work doesn’t feel like work. This is the type of environment Crunch gym has been for me and what I will make it for you. I encourage those who may be inspired by my story to come visit us at Crunch gym. Crunch Fitness South Beach is located at 1259 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 For more info, visit

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