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The Zero G Experience Partake in Weightless Flight in South Florida November 7 Private space travel is well on its way to becoming the next breakthrough industry. In recent years, several companies have announced audacious lunar missions on top of progress already being made to put man on Mars and deeper into our solar system. At the cusp of this excitement, there's only one company currently offering the chance to know what it's like to escape Earth's gravity – Zero Gravity Corporation. Taking off from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on November 7, tickets can be reserved at As at-home consumers begin to seek ways to safely enjoy adventure, the flights offered by ZERO-G continue to be the only FAA-approved opportunities in the U.S. for individuals to experience true weightlessness. The company's specially modified Boeing 727, G-FORCE ONE, is a zero-gravity playroom complete with padded floors and walls – perfect for soaring through the aircraft's cabin like a superhero – and video cameras to record all the unforgettable moments. ZERO-G's updated health and safety plan includes pre-flight pulse and temperature checks, as well as the required use of personal protective equipment provided by ZERO-G. Additionally, the company has reduced flight capacities by 30 percent to not only allow for adequate social distancing, but to also create even more room for guests to float freely. During all flights, a full cabin exchange with external air will occur every 3 minutes. More information about ZERO-G's health and safety plan can be found on the company's website.

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