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Colorful fish does not always equal fresh fish Ever seen someone take a look at a block of bright red tuna in a sushi case and say, "Man, that tuna looks so fresh!" There are five kinds of fish that Americans typically consume for sushi: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, and a whitefish. You can buy any of those fish in a precut, preformed, preweighed block. You'll notice the tuna is really red, and the salmon is really orange. That's from the nitrates used to package the fish. Many sushi restaurants order that way because the fish is cheap and they don't need skilled labor to make their sushi. Bottom line: If it doesn't look natural, it probably isn't. Uchi is anticipated to open Summer 2020 and is located at 240 Northwest 25th St., Miami, FL 33127. ML Chef Tyson Cole Hai Hospitality partner/executive chef Tyson Cole will tell you that his early memories of food were far from exotic. He grew up in Florida with typical suburban fare and didn't crave anything beyond spaghetti and sandwiches. After heading to Texas for school and finding himself unable to pay for his classes at the University of Texas, student Tyson needed a job, and fast. After days of pavement pounding, he finally ended up with a dishwashing job at Kyoto. Before he took the job, he had never even tried sushi. But once he did, he was hooked, and not just on sushi, but on Japanese culture and language. Tyson educated himself on every aspect of the cuisine. Even surprising himself with his skill and dexterity with the knife, he quickly worked his way from dishwasher to head sushi chef. Tyson then moved to Austin's top sushi restaurant at the time, Musashino, where he completed an intensive traditional apprenticeship under owner, Takehiko Fuse. The two spent time in Japan, where Tyson experienced the food and culture while gaining technical skill. In May of 2003, Uchi opened with Tyson as Executive Chef and co-owner. Tyson's seamless blending of global ingredients with traditional Japanese flavors to create his celebrated "perfect bite" gained him local, regional, and national attention and Uchi soon became one of the top fine dining destinations in Austin. He was awarded a coveted spot on Food and Wine Magazine's Best New Chefs of 2005 list. In May 2011, Tyson received a James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Southwest; and celebrated a James Beard Foundation Semi-Finalist nod for Outstanding Chef in 2016. He opened his second restaurant in Austin, Uchiko, in July 2010 and celebrated the release of Uchi the Cookbook in March 2011. In 2012, he opened an Uchi in Houston, Uchi Dallas in June 2015, and a new concept, Uchiba, in Dallas in January 2018. In 2015, what was formerly known as Uchi Restaurant Group changed its name to Hai Hospitality, a sign of the evolution of the brand and the path ahead. In 2018, Chef Cole opened a new concept, LORO Asian Smokehouse & Bar, in Austin with barbecue legend Aaron Franklin; as well as Uchi in Denver. Hai Hospitality will also open Uchi Miami and LORO Dallas in Summer 2020, and Uchiko and LORO in Houston in 2021.

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