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Sushi 101 Uchi's Chef Tyson Cole Shares what you want to know about Sushi, but were afraid to ask Soy sauce - a little (or none) goes a long way Don't put your sushi in the soy sauce. You don't sit rice in soy sauce, if you even use soy sauce. You should wipe only a small amount of soy. Try to use as little soy sauce as possible, especially if the restaurant serves your sushi with other yakumi, or sauces and accents that are meant to go with your order. The Japanese never serve soy sauce with sushi. You have to ask for it. There's a reason for that. Wasabi - not like butter Don't make a paste. You're not supposed to make a paste, mortar, putty, or anything gloppy with wasabi and soy sauce. I've seen so many people take their wasabi "paste" and spread it on their sushi like they're buttering toast. Then, they line up the pickled ginger on top like roof shingles. You can't even see the fish! And when they eat it and the wasabi knocks their eyes back into their head. Pickled Ginger This is used to cleanse your palate. It's not to eat with your sushi. Not only is it pickled, but it's ginger. Two really strong flavors. So when people put that on their sushi, you know what they taste? Pickled ginger! Order one at a time Sushi is a delicacy. If you eat it one bite at a time, right when it's made, you're eating when it's at its best. That long paper list they give you at many sushi places makes people think they have to order everything right then and there. When you place a large order, the chef makes all of it at once, which takes time, which makes the first piece old by the time they've finished the final piece. Then, when it gets to your table, it sits even longer as you work your way through it. If you want mediocre or bad sushi, order it that way. If you want good sushi, don't order it all at once.

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