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Jeremy Sisto The FBI star talks about his new show, fatherhood, Clueless, and more Words by Vanessa Pascale · Photo credit: Josh Telles "Tai, why would I go with Tai? Don't you even know who my father is!?" -Elton, Clueless. It's been twenty-five years since Clueless was released, yet I will forever associate Jeremy Sisto with Elton: the tall, dark, handsome, rich boy from Beverly Hills that Cher wanted to set Tai up with in the 90s cult classic. The film is a pop culture phenom —thanks to the iconic outfits, quote- worthy lines, and memorable cast. However, when it first came out, Jeremy struggled with its success. "It was a weird life for me, because I was 19 when I did it and I was doing these other dark movies that none of them did as well. And then, a teen comedy when you're in your 20s, for me anyways, was something I was afraid people were laughing at me —as opposed to seeing what I wanted them to see. So, there was a period where I guess I was afraid if my career hadn't continued —like a lot of actors, it just sorta dries up— that I'd be seen as somebody who had a shot and failed." His feelings about success changed in his 30s. He stopped worrying about it not working out, and embraced the journey. "Now, I'll do 'Rollin' with the homies' for anybody," says the 45-year-old actor with a laugh. "I don't care."

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