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He's a cat person "People always have really interesting names for their cats," Peter muses. "Like, if I was a cat, I'd be hanging out. 'What's your name?' I'd be like, 'Whiskers. Frisky. What's your name?' 'Butch.'" His cat's name is Maisy, The Great Catsby. "My kids liked Maisy, so I settled because Maisy is like Daisy from The Great Gatsby, so I was like alright, Maisy, The Great Catsby. I had two cats; they were named Butch Catsidy and the Sundance Kitty, which is the best names ever. And they escaped. I had them on the back porch. I put them out there 'cause they liked it, and then one day, I came home and that porch screen was just sliced open and Butch and Sunny ran into the sunset and never came back. I was like, they rode off into the sunset together, I guess."

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