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Stay Cool at K1 Speed An indoor summer activity for kids and adults When you're looking to beat the heat and enjoy a fun indoor summer activity that both adults and kids can enjoy, nothing comes close to go kart racing at K1 Speed. K1 Speed is the perfect destination when it's just too darn hot to do anything outside. Our Go Kart Racing is Indoors We wouldn't be a good indoor summer activity if we were outdoors! All K1 Speed tracks are located indoors, and most in air-conditioned facilities. This means you'll stay cool during those hot summer days. Plus, you'll protect yourself from harmful UV rays while people are working on their sunburn outside. Experiencing a humid, rainy day in summer? We've literally got you covered then as well. Kids and Adults Enjoy Racing Go Karts Let's face it. Sometimes parents have to bite the bullet and sacrifice their fun for something their child enjoys. We've all tried to force a smile as we endure a horrible children's movie or a trip to the kiddie amusement park. Why not go somewhere where you can both experience equal enjoyment? K1 Speed is thrilling for both kids and adults alike, and there's an electric kart for both of them! Juniors at least 48" or taller will enjoy our junior karts which travel up to 20 mph! While teens and adults at least 58" (4'10") can zip up to 45 mph in our larger, adult karts. More Engaging Than the Movies Movies are one of the most common indoor activities, and sure, it's fun, but you also don't really interact with your friends or family either. You sit quietly together for a couple of hours before you can start engaging with each other. When you race at K1 Speed, you're enjoying wheel-to-wheel racing with your friends. You may

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