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And what are you here to teach? RG: I would say the same thing; sharing a sense of compassion. Life is short and time truly is our greatest commodity. It's the one thing you never get back. I lost a sister, unexpectedly, almost five years ago and I would do any thing to have more of those moments. I try to tell my children that there is not that much to get here [on earth]. You want to have enough time to spend with the people you love. You want to have dinner with the people you love. If you feel like going to Paris, you want to go to Paris with people you love. It's all about the moments, and not the car you drive. Happiness and joy lie in simplicity, so try to keep it simple. I agree! Let's dive into your character, Stephanie Carlisle, on Ambitions. RG: She doesn't use any of the things I just talked about [laughs]. What interests me about my job is the challenge to bring a character like Stephanie Carlisle to life. To get the role of Stephanie, I borrowed a dress from The Fix for the audition. Once I read the script, I felt I could do this role better than anyone. I just needed to carry that energy into the room with me and believe it. Once I started to dissect her, I knew that I wanted her to be more than what was on the page. I wanted to give her shades and dimensions, a heart, and make her real. She was written as an ice queen, but there is more to her. My interpretation is that she is a woman that has her own set of rules. She also has this sensibility that she is never going to live up to her father, and that's where her wanting comes from. Why should audiences tune in to watch w? RG: I could describe it as a guilty pleasure, but someone once said, "There is no guilt in pleasure." It's going to be that kind of fun show where women gather around to watch with some wine and popcorn. Their husbands or boyfriends will walk by and probably join them. I think men will love it as much as women. ML Ambitions premieres on Tuesday, June 18 at 10/9c on OWN. Follow Robin on Twitter: @TheRocknRobn and Instagram: @RobinGivens

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