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Throughout our conversation, she made it clear that clinging to her perfectly-proportioned black Barbie superhero past doesn't interest her. It's a lovely time capsule that will be well documented in a biopic about her life based on her autobiography Foxy (Grand Central Publishing), that is currently in pre-production. These days, Pam is focused on roles that represent mature, well-rounded women living their authentic lives and not hiding behind a veneer of glam. Even stripped down to the studs, Pam still exudes sensuality that leads men of all ages to her like the Pied Piper. In Bless This Mess, Pam plays Constance, the local fix-it-all / know-it-all in small town Nebraska. She is the brilliant and funny foil to Dax Shepard and Lake Bell's transplanted Manhattanite characters, Mike and Rio. We witness Dax and Lake's characters stumble and bumble through middle-American culture and country life through the eyes of Pam's amusement, as Ed Begley Jr.'s character, Rudy, tirelessly pursues her. Pam will also appear on the big screen alongside Diane Keaton and Rhea Perlman in Poms, a comedy about a group of women in a retirement community who reclaim their vigor and spice by starting a cheerleading squad.

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