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We Want More What's hot on TV? "I love Black Mirror on Netflix, one of my favorite shows. I don't watch a lot of TV because I'm traveling so much." What haven't you done yet career-wise or for fun? What's on your bucket list this year? "I've done pretty much everything you can imagine. The one thing I haven't done yet is go to space, so I might have to plan a trip to Mars." This year? "Maybe [laughs]." You are a woman who has everything, what is the best gift you've received? "My favorite kinds of gifts are something that are sentimental. So anytime I've had my best friends find pictures and memories and make a collage of all the photos, printed out with paint and glitter, just like, basically, an art piece. And that's my favorite kind of gift to make. Every year, I always make my grandfather this huge canvas with pictures of us and our whole family and it's really special. I was at his house two weeks ago and he had all of them up in the house and his room and it just made me feel so happy and that's something that he really cherishes. Something I cherish. Just memories. 'Cause nowadays we just have an iPhone, so everything is just digital, but when you actually print it out and can see it as a piece, it's something that's a special memory." Do you consider yourself an artist? "Yeah, definitely. I love art. I love to paint. I love to draw. I am actually going to be doing an art exhibit for Art Basel this upcoming year. I've been making this art exhibit for a couple of years now and just getting all the pieces together, but they're so special to me that it's hard to actually, when I do this exhibit, sell them because I love them so much. But I know that it will find a special place in someone's house. Paintings, collages, drawings, photographs, and just Paris art." What are you doing for fun? Is there any downtime? Do you get a second to breathe? "Sometimes, a few minutes here and there [laughs]. My favorite thing is to just be at home and be with my pets. Just sitting with my dogs in bed chilling, making lasagna, having friends over. But I don't get to do that that often 'cause I'm constantly in a different country every day. But if I do have an off day, I love to just be with the [5] dogs." Favorite place to eat at in Miami? "Mr. Chow."

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