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Dominick Being a personal trainer at Crunch has changed my life from the minute I decided to pursue the health and fitness field. It allows me to meet new people every day along with build ongoing relationships with long-term members; who become lifetime clients, who become lifetime friends. I have a spectrum of clientele from bodybuilding clients with the vision to reach their dream body, to young and aged clients with the vision of improving performance and functionality. All of this allows me to come into work each and every day with the satisfaction that I get to do what I love. Denis I love having a variety of clients in my workouts. Progressive resistant training brings my clients to the next level, helping them understand their own body's stages. Many of my clients want power lifting. Some clients shift to a Cross Fit program where we include TRX, bands, slam balls, and other fun fitness tools --these are often better for my weight loss clients. I enjoy working with all kinds of people, reaching diverse goals, not only enhancing performance of daily activities, but also body changing (weight loss or gaining). My programs positively effect bones density, increase metabolism, aid in proper hormonal functions, treat injury recovery process, and boost self-confidence. I love working at Crunch Gym South Beach, it has all of the best equipment, huge facility, great environment, lots of cardio equipment, and a very professional staff! Renata When people ask me, "Why do you love what you do?" I just simply reply, "Being a part and helping someone on their journey to achieving their goals, makes me a better person." There is no better feeling for me than changing someone's life around for the better. Believing in and motivating my clients gives my life more purpose than anything else. It is a big deal when someone puts their trust in you, but even bigger when you show them what seems to be impossible, become reality. When I started working at Crunch, the first thing I noticed was the warmth and friendliness of the staff, especially my manager Tanya. We at Crunch Fitness work as a strong team, and work hard to change lives together. I enjoy coming to work every day to a friendly environment and being surrounded by my wonderful clients, employees, and friends. Our focus is on always giving our clients the best experience, best program design, teaching them to work out smarter, giving them a variety of workouts so they don't get bored, getting them to their goals and lastly, showing them that Crunch Fitness is the place to be. These are only 3 of out 12 trainers on staff. I urge you to try something different. All of our trainers have years of experience with degrees in exercise science, physiology, NASM, ACE, NCSF, CrossFit, martial arts, boxing, kettle bell certified, TRX, and more. Many of these trainers have worked with celebrities, major athletes, and professional competitors. At Crunch, it doesn't matter if you've never worked out before, are just getting back into it, or if you are training for a bikini competition, we will hold your hand every step of the way. All you have to do this time is say "yes." ML For more information, visit

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