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Your life up to now is the culmination of a series of decisions you've made. Every time you make and commit to a new decision you create a situation in which you can alter the course of your life. Our decisions dictate what we focus on, what we believe, and the actions we take. Before a result is created, we have to first DECIDE it's possible and we have to DECIDE to take action. Decisions are so powerful, but many of us freeze when it comes time to make them, and this is what holds so many of us back from the success we want. We often confuse wanting and wishing for deciding. But wanting to make money and wishing we had more money are not the same thing as deciding we will make more money. Wanting a loving, healthy relationship and wishing for one, are not the same as deciding we will be in a committed loving, healthy relationship. Wanting and wishing we could fit into our skinny jeans is not the same thing as deciding we will fit in our skinny jeans. You get the idea! There are people wanting and wishing all over the place. We create a massive shift when we get clear and DECIDE. In order to stop sitting on the sidelines of life and allowing life to happen to us, we have to start making confident decisions and begin acting on them. This is how we show up differently and create the results we want. Massive results like money, a better career, a more fulfilling relationship, fitting into those skinny jeans, and earlier mornings…they're all preceded by a decision. Worried about making the wrong decisions? We learn and grow with every choice we make. Even the "wrong" decisions can be catalysts for growth and will ultimately take us further than burying our head in the sand ever will. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to decisions, you can borrow a few of mine: Decide to play big. Decide to stand in your power. Decide to take responsibility for your life. Decide to believe in yourself. Decide you're amazing. Decide to shine. Decide you are capable. Decide it's possible. Decide you can create what you want. Decide you are worth it. Decide to go all in. Decide to play full out. Decide to do the scary thing. Decide to take the leap. Decide to make it happen. Decide it can be easy. Decide to show up. Decide to be consistent. Decide to be seen. Decide to be happy. Decide to ask. Decide to make the offer. Decide to do the damn thing. Decide to leave the wrong thing. Decide to succeed. As we get ready to start a new season and close out 2018, I hope you'll decide to succeed. As you do, you'll start to see a shift in your life. You'll gain confidence. You'll become more clear on what you want and who you are. You'll begin to notice how you can co-create your life. And you'll get more results that began with a decision to make them happen. ML Kim Argetsinger is a Mindset Coach & Business Mentor with a mission to help you make more money doing what you love. Through private one-on-one coaching and courses, Kim helps high-achieving, passion-driven solopreneurs and coaches transform their business from the inside-out so they can ditch the overwhelm, stop hiding in plain sight, and build a business they're wildly in love with that also gets them paid. When Kim's not coaching, you can find her exploring a Manhattan coffee shop, getting her sweat on, or having a glass of wine with loved ones. Keep up with Kim at and follow her on Instagram: and Facebook:

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