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Bring on the Duck Chef Ren Zheng Bing's masterful culinary skills shine at MR CHOW Words by Vanessa Pascale Mouthwatering dark duck meat topped with crispy, golden skin expertly carved up and plated –these are what Beijing Duck dreams are made of and what MR CHOW does best. For 50 years now, the iconic restaurant chain –with locations in NYC, Miami, London, and Vegas, founded by Chinese American actor-restaurateur Michael Chow—has served loyal patrons authentic Beijing cuisine, including their prized Beijing Duck. Considered the "crown jewel of Chinese cuisine," the Beijing Duck was once reserved for the emperor. Today, MR CHOW's diners can enjoy the coveted 100-page, 700-year-old recipe that Chef Ren Zheng Bing has perfected and trained MR CHOW's global culinary team on preparing. First, Chef Ren cleans the duck, then carefully separates the skin from the meat while still intact. Then, the duck receives a bath to seal the pores and is hung to dry for 24 hours. The drier the

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