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Congrats on the new, exclusive home collection! What was your inspiration behind WE THE BEST HOME? DJ Khaled: My home is my castle, and it's a sacred place. I wanted to create something that highlighted how important our homes are to our lives --it's where we spend time with family, it's where we make memories, it's where we raise our children. We The Best Home is my way of bringing my style and reverence for the home to my fans. You mention creating the collection was a way to give back to your fans. How did your partnership with Goldition come about and why did this project feel right? DK: Goldition is the best partner I could have hoped for. They really understood my vision and gave me full creative freedom. They collaborate with the world's biggest celebrities to create exclusive products, and help today's superstars turn their creativity and vision into reality. They've also got a worldwide distribution platform that makes sure that my fans from around the globe will have access to my creative genius. What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection? DK: They're all my favorite, but every castle has a king and queen. So, the throne chair is a must-have for every king in his castle. And the vanity is a major key for the queen of the castle, so she can make sure she always looking like a queen. Where did the inspiration for these pieces come from? DK: I'm a creative person and this brand is a true reflection of my vision to its core. I've also always been a big fan of VERSACE. His medusa, which symbolizes power, strength and beauty in Greek mythology, is a favorite. And I love his loud, over-the-top, bold colors and designs. What went into creating the collection? DK: I was involved in every aspect of the creative design process --choosing colors, fabrics, styles, so I give my fans a piece of Khaled in every item. Being able to step out of the studio and work on a completely new type of project must've been a lot of fun, what was your favorite part? DK: What was fun for me was being able to create this line for my fans, so knowing that people all across the world will enjoy these works of art, these timeless pieces of luxury and beauty in their most sacred places, their homes, that is my inspiration. BLESS UP. Music Mogul. Furniture Mogul. What's next? DK: I have more creative collaborations coming up, but you'll have to wait to find out what's next. ML For more on WE THE BEST HOME, visit and keep up with DJ Khaled on Instagram and Twitter: @DJKhaled, Snapchat: @DJKhaled305, and Facebook: @OfficialDJKhaled.

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